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Dream Theater Concert: Sydney, Australia 2008

Posted by Atilla89 on January 30, 2008

So today I went to a Dream Theater concert. Let me just start by saying that it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to in my life. It went for something like 3 hours with song after song coming on with only a 15 minute break between sessions! The management were unorganised so people either sat wherever or moved around the main floor. I took photos and videos while in the seating and then for the 2nd half just went head banging in the front row (which was amazing by the way!). The audience were good, even if they were a bit docile by my standards (no pits or wall of deaths, just jumping and head banging). I also got a really awesome Dream Theater T-Shirt which I will wear often as it looks great. As always I don’t really remember the play list so any help in filling that in would be appreciated.

Edit: I am but my video’s are actually to big and YouTube is refusing to upload them. This means I won’t be able to put them on this blog, however I will try put 1 or more good photos on the site in the mean time. Thank you very much everyone for contributing to the set list, it is appreciated πŸ˜€

Set List:

Constant Motion
Panic Attack
Endless Sacrifice
The Dark Eternal Night
JR solo into…
Take the Time
Intermission – 15 minutes
Overture 1928
Strange Deja Vu
Through my words
Fatal Tragedy
ITPOE Parts 1 and 2
As I am
Pull me Under/Metropolis Pt 1





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Dream Theater Concert

Posted by Atilla89 on January 30, 2008

Just to give you all the heads up, I will be seeing the progressive heavy metal band , Dream Theater soon. I will be bringing my camera (this one will have sound). I might be able take some photos but the reality is, its a concert so it is going to be hard. Anyway, possibly in the next few posts you will see some videos from said concert.

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Holiday To Israel

Posted by Atilla89 on December 8, 2007

On December 10th, I will be leaving to go to Israel for 6 weeks. This will mean that there will be much less posts, simply for the fact that I am going to be very busy for those 6 weeks. In the rare free time that I have, I might be able to post a few things, but that will not be a priority for me at all (namely emailing friends and family). I should be back to regular blogging by January 20/21, depending on how fast I get over my jet lag. In the mean time, maybe my other co-bloggers might consider posting for once…

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Australian Election Day 2007

Posted by Atilla89 on November 24, 2007

So today I started work as an ‘Poll Official’ which basically means I was collecting everyone’s vote in a hospital. I encountered stroke victims, people who were old and going senile, other old people who could neither read nor write and were deaf at the same time (fun…not). I had fun, but that was only because I was getting some $300 for the day (yay). I’m pretty exhausted because it was a 13-14 hour day. Having said that it is a Saturday night so I am still going out. I will post a few entries on the election but that will come tomorrow, but basically Labor won; Me: goes and kills a few Labor supporters (jokes), the good news is that my representative kept his seat and he is Liberal, yay! Expect more posts bagging out Labor and their policies in the future. Tomorrow I start a new job working at a bar which should be better then my current job, as a vendor in a sports stadium, and on Monday I have my first series of tests to join the Australian Army Reserves. So pretty much there will be more posts and updates to come.

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New Movie: Rescue Dawn

Posted by Atilla89 on November 16, 2007

Damn this movie looks great, I really can’t wait to see this. It’s based on the true story of Dieter Dengler, a US Navy pilot shot down over Laos during his first combat mission in 1966.

Outtake from Saving Silverman


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X-Wing Fighter Rocket Launch

Posted by Atilla89 on October 8, 2007

Awesomely cool footage of a T-65 Income X-Wing (yes I am a very big Star Wars nerd) be launched and then subsequently destroyed mid flight. As Youtuber, BigBobster777 says:

” 1 600 lb. X- Wing $1500
4 Redline motors $1000
500 man hours to build $5000

A sunset launch in the desert……priceless”

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Posted by Atilla89 on October 7, 2007

I am going to take a break from posting for now until November 7th as I have exams and studying to do.

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Kosha Dillz – The Real Occupation

Posted by Atilla89 on September 17, 2007

Normally, I dislike rap, I’m a heavy metal kinda guy. The only rap artist I ever got into was Eminem (Lose Yourself = best rap song). Anyway I have to make an exception, I actually like this song ‘The Real Occupation’ by Kosha Dillz (how do they come up with these names???) and it is about Israel kicking ass, soooo here it is.

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Biography paints poster boy Che as cold-blooded killer and new Che shirts!

Posted by Atilla89 on September 17, 2007

Another one from The Australian, this time its about a biography that actually paints the right picture of Che (in my opinion at least), who was a mass murderer and executed people who did not agree on his outlook to the world. But before I go into the article, first one of my friends is making customized T-shirts for a mere $20(AU), I’ve decided I want simply because I am to lazy to make one for myself. Here are the designs which I wanted (Castro is on the front and Che is on the back). You can ask for this person’s email if you want one yourselves through the comment section.

The designs:

62441_799383_big.gif che46666_521684_big.gif


A revisionist biography has highlighted Guevara’s involvement in countless executions of “traitors” and counter-revolutionary “worms”, offering a new glimpse of the dark side of the guerilla fighter who helped Fidel Castro seize power in Cuba.

“Attacking an almost legendary figure is not an easy task,” said Jacobo Machover, author of The Hidden Face of Che. “He has so many defenders. They have forged the cult of an untouchable hero.”

The Argentine-born Guevara has become ever more fashionable, his pre-revolutionary adventures as a medical student dramatised to great acclaim in the film The Motorcycle Diaries and his bearded visage an icon of chic on T-shirts and even bikinis.

Machover, a Cuban exiled in France since 1963, blames the hero-worship on French intellectuals who flocked to Havana in the 1960s and fell under the charm of the only “comandante” who could speak their language.

They turned a blind eye to anything that did not fit in with their idealised image of Guevara. A prolific diarist, Guevara wrote vividly of his role as an executioner.

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Random Post of the day: Shuttle Discovery to Carry Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber Into Space

Posted by Atilla89 on August 30, 2007

From Fox News.

As part of the “Star Wars”‘ 30th anniversary celebration, NASA has agreed to carry the prop weapon into orbit and jettison it in space, according to

Details will be announced in Houston Tuesday.

The lightsaber will be handed over to the space agency by Chewbacca at the Oakland Airport, not far from George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch, said.

It reports the priceless piece will be greeted in Houston by a group of Stormtroopers along with R2D2.

Yay, go Star Wars.

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