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Rudd Calls For Nuclear Disarmament

Posted by Atilla89 on June 9, 2008

I use to really dislike, scratch that, hate Krudd, but know, I just think of him as a poor naive little fool. Just look at his latest announcement, ‘Rudd Calls for Nuclear Disarmament’, I mean what world is he living in? Nuclear disarmament didn’t solve anything, it certainly didn’t solve the Cold War. Unless he mean forcibly taking off nukes off everybody that is to juvenile to use it, *cough* Iran, North Korea and Pakistan *cough*. Then I completely disagree with his statement. One of the key reasons that Israel exists amid a sea of enemies and still survives (besides it wonderful army) is undoubtedly due to its nukes.

“In this 21st century that we, the people of the Asian-Pacific region, should resolve afresh to make the Asia-Pacific century a century of peace and that the world at large should aspire now for a world free of nuclear weapons.”

Anyway, its not like anyone will be taking his suggestion seriously, he has just made himself out to look like an idealistic idiot.


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Liberal Club Canberra Trip

Posted by Atilla89 on May 18, 2008

I got back from Canberra two days ago from what was in my opinion, an awesome trip. I could give you an itinerary type account of what we did but that would probably bore you. The definite highlights of the trip was attending question time, attending the ALSF Alumni Cocktail Party with Senator The Hon. Eric Abetz, listening to Brendan Nelson give his Budget Reply speech and having breakfast with Alex Hawke MP (of Mitchell). Unfortunitely, I was only able to see Bronwyn Bishop MP (of Mackellar) for literally about 5 minutes, of which she did all the talking so I wasn’t able to ask her my question. Question time was an absolute blast as we saw Joe Hockey MP (of North Sydney) using alcopops as props in his speech. Alex Hawke was fun to talk to. He came to our table while we were eating to discuss the budget speech of (then) last night. We were discussing how Labor by pushing up taxes, even though we had a budget surplus, was going to be hurting everybody. We also talked about how there was a clear split amongst scientists on whether Global Warming was an acceptable theory, Tim Blair’s name was thrown around a bit.

We also went to the American Embassy where we were given a very short tour of the place. We also talked to 4 people who worked at the place, each one representing a different department of embassy. There was an economic, political, military and front office representative. They briefly talked about what they did and then we asked a few questions. After the visit was concluded we all started to walk back to our cars when I suddenly noticed the Israeli embassy. I jogged to the the sign that said “Israeli Embassy” and got a photo with me in front of it. Then I tried to get a photo with me outside the front gates only to be told quite suddenly by some nearby AFP to clear off immediately.

As for the budget reply speech, personally I think it was a very nice speech. Nelson has definitely bought some more time for himself, I think he will stay on till at least the end of the year. The speech itself was for me an 8.5/10. Obviously it was not the most inspired of deliveries, however there was a few great points such as the line “Watching petrol prices does not bring them down.” Overall I had a great time and I have a couple of photos for you below (most of the photos that I took had my face or somebody else’s face in it).

Senator The Hon. Eric Abetz giving a speech to ASLF Alumni

Back Of Old Parliament House

Front Of The American Embassy

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