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On Georgia And Hezbullah

Posted by Atilla89 on September 8, 2008

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting in a while, I have been quite swamped with work. There still won’t be regular posting for a time as I have a few deadline coming up, however here’s a few links to whet your appetite.

Firstly, on the Georgian issue, all I wish to say is that I fully support Georgian independence and what Russia did was not only wrong but also illegal. If you want to know the history behind that conflict then you should read this article called The Truth About Russia in Georgia by Michael Totten here. The territories that have been taken from Georgia include South Ossetia and Abkhazia, both of which have had their independence recognised by only one country, Russia. In the meantime, Georgia has decided to try and get the UN to protect them, for all the good that will do. The UN has barely any power as it is; I hope Georgia gets the ‘protection’ they deserve, but I doubt it would stop a Russian advance if they decide to go at it again.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague will hear three days of argument in a Georgian application for interim protection against “ethnic cleansing” it accuses Russia of committing on Georgian territory.

Georgia instituted proceedings against Russia before the ICJ on August 12, accusing it of breaches of the 1965 International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD). As it can take months for the court to decide whether or not to entertain the case, Georgia brought another application two days later asking for interim protection measures.

The ICJ has no powers to enforce its judgments, which have on occasion been simply ignored by state parties. (Edit: bold text added)

Moving south now to the issue of Hezbollah, there has been some unsettling news regarding the leadership of Hezbullah. As most people know, Hezbullah is directly connected to Iran, however it was believed that the general-secretary of the terrorist group, Nasrallah did have some measure of independent control over the group. This is significant because if Israel were to ever go to war with Iran, most likely Nasrallah would be urged to attack Israel. He may have or he may not have, the point is now mute because Iran have decided to take full control over Hizbullah.

Iran is consolidating its grip on Hizbullah and has instituted a number of structural changes to the Lebanese group, under which Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah no longer enjoys exclusive command over its military wing, top Israeli defense officials have revealed.

“There is real Iranian command now over Hizbullah,” a top IDF officer said. “This doesn’t mean that Nasrallah is a puppet, but it does mean that whenever he pops his head out of his bunker he sees an Iranian official standing over him.”

Nasrallah walks between...

Nasrallah walks between crowds in south Beirut [file]. Photo: AP

Now we know that Hezbullah, acting as an extension of Iran will attack Israel in the event of a war with Iran, they may even be used as a spark to set off a much larger regional war with nearby countries such as Iran, Syria, Hamas and possibly even Fatah (who we, Israel, supplied weapons to).


3 Responses to “On Georgia And Hezbullah”

  1. Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.

  2. What makes us human is our capability to imagine, to cast ourselves as the heroes in the mental adventures of our own design. When one stops dreaming one might as well die, for there is nothing for which living is more worthy than one’s imagination.OdieHendersonOdie Henderson, from an online chat, 11-25-2001

  3. Mashaly said

    You completely don’t understand anything about Hezbollah, at least you should listen to the other opinion from east like you hear from U.S and Israel.
    the last war on Lebanon was planned before and Israel said that, the two arrested soldiers were just a good reason for them to attack.
    And Hezbollah didn’t attack civilians as much as Israel have done, Lebanon basic structure were completely destroyed after war,
    Hezbollah is popular and supported from the major Lebanese, Arab and Muslims
    And if some countries consider it on the black list like U.S, other countries support him like Russia…….
    In case of Georgia, why didn’t you blame Israel for supporting Georgia with weapons and blamed only Russia, although Georgia is the beginner as E.U said.
    Why didn’t you blame the U.S and fool Bush who is trying to play in the countries surrounds Russia????
    And why didn’t you blame the fool Bush for interfering in almost all the countries from china to Bolivia for human rights which he doesn’t care about in Gwantanmo and Iraq and Afghanistan???
    Why didn’t you blame America for selling weapons and huge money to israel to kill the Arab, while our fool guy looking for peace and new middle east
    why didn’t you blame fool BUSH for the democracy he is fighting for although we didn’t see this democracy in poor Afghanistan and Iraq election according to the election watchers?? And didn’t see this democracy when Americans protest against the other FOOL McCain and the police men were fighting with them????
    and don’t tell me to look at the history and see maps, because if i did, you will find U.S belongs to the Indians, and you will find the Arabs small countries were one large country, don’t speak about history, you just using it for your opinion…..

    Policy is a huge game man and every thing is possible in this game… If America and E.U wanna help poor countries they can do


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