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Olmert Announces Resignation

Posted by Atilla89 on July 31, 2008

I can’t believe that I am writing this! Olmert will be resigning! You have no idea how happy I am. This fool, this idiot shit for brains is finally going to be out. Israel may have been weakened during his rule through mistakes such as prematurely withdrawing from the Israeli-Hezbollah war and that recent disastrous prisoner swap with Hezbollah. At least he won’t have time for another prisoner swap with Hamas (although I am still not counting my eggs yet…).

“Prime Minister Ehud Olmert intends to hand his resignation letter to President Shimon Peres the day after the September 17 Kadima primary and ask him to entrust the new party leader with forming a new government, Olmert’s associates said Wednesday night.”

Olmert leaves the podium upon...

Olmert leaves the podium upon concluding his statement, Wednesday. Photo: Alex Kolomoisky

Now having read that, you may be wondering why I am so happy, Kadima will still be in power at least until the Spring of 2009 (Autumn here). We all know that Kadima is filled with bumbling idiots and fools and yet I haven’t even started on the individual ministers (MK’s) yet. The point that I am trying to make is that Olmert was the worst, there is no one that could do even more damage then him.

There has been much said about why Olmert has decided to step down. To be honest I’m not really that interested, the guy was a great politician, but a terrible leader of a nation.

“He didn’t want to humiliate himself by waiting until the last minute as some people thought he would,” an Olmert associate said. “He is the most realistic person in the world. He didn’t want to look like he cared only about himself by staying as long as possible. He decided he wanted to play the responsible adult.”

Why couldn’t he have played the ‘responsible adult’ when the results of the Winograd Commission came in, eh? It would have saved us all a lot of pain. Of course with Olmert stepping down at the time of the Kadima primaries, this begs another question, who will replace him? Most people are saying either Foreign Affairs Minister Tzipi Livni or Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz. I’ll be honest and say I prefer Livni only because I actually know her and her portfolio would better equip her to lead a country like Israel rather then having a portfolio like Mofaz.

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