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Terrorist Attack In Jerusalem

Posted by Atilla89 on July 3, 2008

Sorry for the long time between posts. I’ll be honest, its because nothing really noteworthy has happened, until now. As I’m sure you’ve all been aware now, there has been another terrorist attack in Israel, specifically Jerusalem. As you can see from this awesome clip below, the terrorist gets absolutely destroyed, enjoy.

Unfortunately, the terrorist managed to kill three people and wounded 45 people.

The driver rammed at least two buses, overturning one, and crushed several cars in a five-minute spree just after midday (7pm AEST) in west Jerusalem.

However this brings up some important issues; how was this guy allled to get into Israel? Quite easily actually.

He was identified as an Arab resident of East Jerusalem, whoheld an Israeli identification card, with full access to all parts of the country.

As well as this the guy was known to the police for raping a former girlfriend, he served two years. Hopefully, next time Israel will do a better job in not letting these people get citizenship. I really think that a citizenship test should be given to every Israeli citizen. Of course this begs another questions, why are we issueing Israeli ID cards to a possible fith element anyway?

The attack came at a highly sensitive time in intra-Palestinian politics, with Hamas struggling to hold together the truce with Israel, which has seen limited supplies allowed into the Gaza Strip in return for a stop to rocket fire on Israeli settlements.

Egypt immediately locked the Rafah crossing into the Strip, which had been due to open around the time of the attack. Hundreds of Palestinians on either side rioted in response.

Israeli security forces were last night interrogating the terrorist’s family, amid calls by enraged members of parliament for them to be deported en masse to Gaza.

More on this event here.

5 Responses to “Terrorist Attack In Jerusalem”

  1. markus said

    The more walls one builds, the more he will be isolated. This happens not only in the EU with the borders against Africa, but more obviously within Israel.

  2. Atilla89 said

    Actually, the more one builds walls, the more one is protected, check out the drop in terrorist attacks from the West Bank since Israel has built this wall.

  3. […] and Yaki Asa-El who was the one that actually shot the terrorist, Ghassan Abu Tir dead.  In a previous article, I mentioned that: Hopefully, next time Israel will do a better job in not letting these people get […]

  4. Stealmtef said

    Thank you

  5. xxxxxx said

    Wow have you no compassion? people have died on both sides. Are the Israelis not occupying the land that the Palestinians live in? Have they not blocked off the supply of humanitarian aid.
    “The Israeli attacks in Gaza on Saturday 7th November were calculated and violent; they targeted unarmed civilians and were political in nature. The Israelis are hoping to use this latest operation in Gaza as a means of coercion against Hamas. By this rationale, it’s pretty safe to say that the Israeli strikes on Gaza which have killed 225 people so far and injured 700 is nothing short of a terrorist attack”
    Can people like you not see that the support you provide only furthers the violence. I hope you have a change of heart.
    God bless you

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