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Children of Bodom Sydney Concert 2008

Posted by Atilla89 on June 25, 2008

Remember in March I was talking about going to a Children of Bodom concert? Doubt it. Well anyway I went last night, yes that’s right smack bang in the middle of exam period with an exam the next day… Anyway, turns out it was worth it.

The concert was definitely the best ‘extreme’ metal concert that I have been to (I’m comparing it against Trivium and DragonForce). It was at the Enmore Theatre and I was in the front section, which was easily the best for such a concert. The mosh was quite fun, lots of people getting smacked around and falling down in the death circle. One of the funnier incidents that I saw consisted of one guy going on his hands and knees at the edge of the death circle. I was thinking to myself what the hell is he thinking someone is going to crashing into him. The next second, I saw another guy run out of nowhere, step up onto the guy’s back and launch himself ass first into the people in front of him. Needless to a lot of people got owned and much laughter was had by all.

The concert itself was great, while there was no real special effects (just a bit of lighting here and there), the band itself made up for that with the sheer heaviness of their playing. Laiho was of course a god with the guitar while the rest of the band were giving it their all as well. The two supporting acts were (surprise, surprise) absolutely terrible. The second supporting act, Synperium, consisted of blast beats and a singer who was not only overweight but sounded like a combination of someone gurgling and coughing at the same time. Needless to say, my friends and I left the concert and went to the local pub until Bodom came on.

My definite highlights of the concert included the opener Sixpounder (how could someone not love that song?), Hatecrew Deathroll and In Your Face. Needled 24/7 was also great as well.

As always, I can never remember the set list, so if you can add to my very incomplete list, please do in the comments section and I’ll add it, thanks.

Set list (in no particular order):


Bannded from Heaven

Needled 24/7

Hatecrew Deathroll

Angels Don’t Kill

In Your Face

Living Deadbeat

Laiho Looking At A Speaker

Laiho Looking At A Speaker

Fun In The Mosh

(The guy in the shirt which says Pure Fucking Metal got so owned…)

Janne Wirman Strutting His Stuff On The Keyboards

Who Looks More Like The Devil Incarnate?

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