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The ‘Truce’ With Hamas

Posted by Atilla89 on June 20, 2008

I must be crazy. That’s the only reason why I would be posting during an exam period about to take an exam that I will most likely only scrape a bare pass! However, when I see the amount of stupidity in the world I can’t help myself. Why, oh why, does Olmert think it will be actually beneficial to have a temporary peace (Tahdiya) with Hamas? It doesn’t make sense, they aren’t interested in permanent negotiations. Here’s a few reasons why from Jonathan Dahoah Halevi.

  • Hamas regards the temporary cease-fire as a tahdiya and not a hudna. A tahdiya – “a period of calm” – is used by Hamas to describe a simple cease-fire. A hudna implies recognition of the other party’s actual existence, without acknowledging its legitimacy.
  • In an interview with Al-Jazeera (April 26, 2008), Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal clarified that for Hamas, a tahdiya is “a tactic in conflict management.” He added that it “is not unusual for the resistance…to escalate sometimes and to retreat a bit sometimes as the tide does….The tahdiya creates a formulation that will force Israel…to remove the siege…and if it happens it will be a remarkable achievement.”
  • Official sources in Israel have explained that Hamas’ interest in a lull in the fighting is a result of its “distress.” But the organization did not experience “distress.” Hamas has introduced and maintained law and order in Gaza, strengthened its overall control, suppressed opposition, and achieved broad popular support for its policies.
  • One diplomatic consequence of the tahdiya will be increasing pressure on Israel to accept a future reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah. That could lead to increasing demands on Israel to negotiate a permanent status arrangement with a joint Hamas-Fatah government, while Hamas remains committed to its political program of the elimination of Israel.
  • The cease-fire also grants Hamas a golden opportunity to expand its military build-up for the next round of terror and violence. Emulating Hizbullah’s strategy, Hamas is striving to acquire longer-range and more destructive missiles to be used for deterrence and as a sword on Israel’s neck.

To summarise, for some reason, Israel believe that by going along with this ‘ceasefire’, which by the way will not last the week (if it does I will be genuinely surprised), in order to get their captured troops back through further negotiations. What they don’t understand is this will aid Hamas, and as you can see above, was probably what they were hoping for. Now all Hamas has to do is sit tight and rearm baby! Instead of this piss-poor excuse for a truce, Israel should be in the Gaza Strip right now engaging Hamas, not in dialogue, but the traditional kind of engagement, the one that actually works with these people.

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