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Israel ‘Ready To Return Golan’

Posted by Atilla89 on April 25, 2008

Great, why Olmert just why? Why would you give up a strategic peace of land for peace? Lets look at the situation realistically. Syria is no threat to Israel, hell if Syria even twitches we can move in and do what the fuck we want. As an example just think back to September 2007. I know I sound like a war monger dissing peace and all, but it makes no sense to give Syria the high ground (literally) and making them promise not to supply Hezbollah, etc. We know they are going to keep on doing it, We know that the Syrian public will PROBABLY never really accept Israel so why should we bother? Read the full story from the BBC here.

Israeli troops in the Golan observe Syria (archive)

On second thoughts, the giving up of the Golan will probably not help Olmert’s popularity at home. So, go for it Olmert and see how long you last.

2 Responses to “Israel ‘Ready To Return Golan’”

  1. Of course, he could always give the Golan back because it should never have been taken in the first place… just a thought.

  2. Atilla89 said

    He could, but the whole point of taking it in the first place was to stop the Syrians from shooting rockets/missiles/mortars down into Israel in the first place. Frankly his help in arming Hezbollah (an organisation that wants to destroy Israel) doesn’t give me much hope that he won’t try this again.

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