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Is Gaza Israel’s New Lebanon?

Posted by Atilla89 on April 17, 2008

No. I’m not talking about the current situation between Lebanon and Israel. I am talking about Lebanon pre-2000. When Hezbollah was easily Israel’s most dangerous foe at the time, as explored in the novel, Beaufort by Ron Leshem. has given a wonderful overview of the situation which you can view here.

Despite the fact that senior government officials have stated a number of times that it is only a matter of time before a large scale military operation will be launched in the Gaza Strip, Israel appears reluctant and instead opts to launch frequent limited incursions on the ground and rely on air force strikes, rather then a major ground offensive.

I’m pretty sure the reason why this is so is Shalit. The Knesset does’t want to endanger his life and lose whatever credibility it has left. However, leaving the problem to fester as Olmert is just plain wrong, the reasons of which I explored in this post.

In conversations with Israeli defense officials in recent months, there were those who supported continuing with the current IDF strategy, relying on small but frequent ground incursions and air strikes to do the job and eventually reap results. There were other officials who declared that after almost eight years of intifada, constant rocket attacks on Israeli communities in the South, it was time to act, and harshly. Time to make the terrorists pay. The method ? To issue warnings to residents in Gaza informing them that they have until the following day to leave their homes., and then bomb the neighborhoods and flatten them. Only then the officials said, will the Palestinians realize that Israel means business and if the terror continues there will be heavy and harsh price to pay.

I’ve always believed in destroying every part of Hamas. There can be simply no negotiation with them. All they seem to understand is force. Their version of a cease-fire with Israel is that of a Hudna, or a temporary cease-fire in which they can rearm and regroup. Right now, Hamas doesn’t give a damn about what might happen if they capture an Israeli solider because there will be no real consequence. Sure they may lose a few men, but who cares when they can ransom off their hostages for dozens of Palestinian prisoners in Isreal. This is just one of the reasons why I believe that Israel needs to act now in order to deter any future attacks.

As the violence in the South threatens to mar the Pessah holiday once again, perhaps Israel’s government echelon owes it to its citizens to take more decisive and determined action, and take the necssary steps once and for all, to protect its citizens and halt the terror.

So very true.

2 Responses to “Is Gaza Israel’s New Lebanon?”

  1. migdalit said


    I can pretty well see why Olmert wouldn’t want to go into Gaza as long as there is any alternative (which Israeli is running out of though). First of all and most important invading Gaza would certainly mean a huge death toll to the IDF and Israel. And human life has always been sacred to Israel – even that of non-Jews, even though the media claims the opposite – which would be another reason against an invasion: The prevention of deaths within the Palestinian population.

    On the political level an re-invasion of Gaza would be a public diplomacy debacle as much as another debacle for Olmert’s government within Israel where he has already lost his popoulation’s trust after the Second Lebanon war. Which would be one more factor: Israel’s going through an outright trauma after the desastrous campaign against Lebanon in Summer of 2006 which has left the nation very reluctant of another war.

    Yet I am afraid that on the long run IDF will be forced to reinvade Gaza to protect Israel’s citizens whilst I, personally, will hope for another way until the very last minute …

    – Migdalit

  2. Atilla89 said

    I understand where your coming from the death toll. However, I do believe that Hamas is a problem that will not go away. I really do believe that if the IDF were to go into Israel and destroy all of Hamas (not sections or parts of), including the leadership down to the very individual foot solider, then it would be possible to have peace (I now that is very hard to do). I believe that then Israel will start sending much more humanitarian to aid so as the Palestinians living in that area can kick start their economy. From there the IDF will be able to move out back into Israel proper.

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