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How Hamas Fuels Gaza ‘gas shortage’

Posted by Atilla89 on April 11, 2008

I found this article by Calev Ben-David in the Jerusalem Post just now and it articulated quite brilliantly what I was saying two posts back;

“…Israel allows food and aid materials into the Gaza Strip! Its a wierd situation, on one hand you have Hamas trying to kill Israelis, and Israel retaliating and on the other you have Israel actively sending in aid to help the Palestinians civilians.”

The article details the situation in the Gaza Strip where Hamas is effectively using and abusing their own citizens needs to gain sympathy from around the world.

This past Monday, gas stations in Gaza apparently decided to hold a “protest strike” in which they refused to sell fuel to the local populace. At the same time, a program on Hamas radio was broadcast urging Gazans to call in with suggestions for alternative means of transportation to cars and buses. Sure enough, the next day saw several news stories coming out of Gaza reporting on the “fuel crisis” there, focusing on the travails of ordinary Gazans due to “months of restricted Israeli fuel supplies.”

This sounds fairly normal for Gaza, no? However…

And then, on Wednesday, Gazan terror groups stage a carefully coordinated attack on the Nahal Oz fuel depot in which two Israeli civilian workers are killed.

If you want to see people acting with no logic, you need look no further then the Hamas government. On one hand they are being supplied fuel by their enemy and yet they still attack the very place where their supplies come from!

It is certainly a remarkable coincidence that an attack such as the one on the Nahal Oz depot – which must have taken weeks, if not months, of planning and preparation – should fall just two days after a seemingly spontaneous and independent strike by local gas station owners.

To me at least the most obvious reason for this is the one given below.

Another interpretation might conclude that just as with the “blackout” crisis last January, a deliberate aggravating of the fuel situation in Gaza was arranged by its Hamas rulers in the days leading up to the Nahal Oz attack, which itself naturally led to a temporary suspension of the fuel supplies.

Obviously the desired result of this tactic is to gain sympathy from around the world. It worked the first time, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work this time. However, thankfully, some news agencies are not buying into Hamas’ plans.

China’s Xinhua news agency seemed to stray from the approved script this week in registering complaints by station owners that Hamas was taking a cut of the fuel supplies before releasing the rest to the general public.

“They seize the fuel to ensure that their cars will not stop and that [Hamas leader Ismail] Haniyeh’s convoy will continue to work,” one disgruntled driver told Xinhua, whose report also noticed that “instead of lining up for fuel supply, vehicles of Hamas police and security services bypass the long queues and go straight to the electric fuel pump.”

Certainly, the teams that continue to fire the Kassam rockets seem to have no problem finding gas for their vehicles – nor did the terrorists who were killed fleeing the scene of the Nahal Oz attack in a car that was successfully targeted by an Israel Air Force helicopter.

Read the whole article, its worth it.

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