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Just Gotta Love The UN

Posted by Atilla89 on April 9, 2008

Sorry for the  delay, as usual the blame goes to not having enough time. The UN has once more decided to reinforce my conviction that they are an absolute pointless body which are either Antisemitic half the time, or just have plain double standards. In their latest round of screwing things up they have decided to send a new ‘UN Investigator’ to look into Israel’s conduct in the West Bank.

Professor Falk said he drew the comparison between the treatment of Palestinians with the Nazi record of collective atrocity, because of what he described as the massive Israeli punishment directed at the entire population of Gaza.

So basically he thinks it is wrong for the Israeli blockade of Gaza to continue. *Cue laughter now* I’m sure most of you that have read into the situation know that a blockade around Gaza is exactly what is needed. First you have Hamas desperately trying to get as much ammunition and materials to build weapons as possible into the Strip and secondly you have Hamas operatives trying to get into the Sinai in order to get into Israel through the lightly defended border (I have been to that border and all it is a wire fence patrolled by the IDF).

At the same time, Israel allows food and aid materials into the Gaza Strip! Its a wierd situation, on one hand you have Hamas trying to kill Israelis, and Israel retaliating and on the other you have Israel actively sending in aid to help the Palestinians civilians. Tell me, what semblance does that have to Nazi strategies of punishing (through killing) large numbers of civilians and homes intentially?  The answer is quite obviously very little.

This is nothing new, the UN bashes Israel plenty of times. As well as this however, the UN is adding insult to injury by not looking into the human rights violations made by the Palestinians (of which there are many.

A spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry said that Israel wanted the UN investigator’s mandate changed, so that he could look into human rights violations by the Palestinians as well as Israel.

If that were not to happen, the Israeli government may consider barring entry to the new UN investigator.

Link for story here.

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