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Jordanian MP’s Call To End Peace Treaty With Israel; Moses High On Sinai?

Posted by Atilla89 on March 14, 2008

I’ve decided on a double post for today. Jordan, at the moment has the best Arab alliance with Israel. However, that could start to come into doubt in regards to this news. Hat tip: Eye On The World.

At least 38 members of the Jordanian Parliament signed a petition on Thursday calling on Jordan to end its peace treaty with Israel, according to Ansamed. The parliament refused to vote on the petition, and several Islamic MPs left the hall in protest.

Islamic Action Front (IAF) head MP Hamzeh Mansour explained that the petition was a response to Israel’s “war crimes in Gaza,” as he termed recent IDF counterterrorism operations. The IAF would need a unanimous parliamentary vote in order to begin the process of ending Jordan’s peace treaty with Israel.

Personally, I don’t think Jordan will stop its peace treaty with Israel. For one thing, both countries have worked exceptionally hard to get their relations with each other where they are now. As well as this, I doubt America would be to happy with Jordan as well. Now something slightly more interesting. For those that are atheists, I doubt you will greet this with any major surprise, for those that aren’t, well, this guy may be onto something. Hat tip to Rantings of a Sandmonkey.

High on Mount Sinai, Moses was on psychedelic drugs when he heard God deliver the Ten Commandments, an Israeli researcher claimed in a study published this week.

Such mind-altering substances formed an integral part of the religious rites of Israelites in biblical times, Benny Shanon, a professor of cognitive psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem wrote in the Time and Mind journal of philosophy.

“As far Moses on Mount Sinai is concerned, it was either a supernatural cosmic event, which I don’t believe, or a legend, which I don’t believe either, or finally, and this is very probable, an event that joined Moses and the people of Israel under the effect of narcotics,” Shanon told Israeli public radio on Tuesday.

Moses was probably also on drugs when he saw the “burning bush,” suggested Shanon, who said he himself has dabbled with such substances.

The Bible says people see sounds, and that is a clasic phenomenon,” he said citing the example of religious ceremonies in the Amazon in which drugs are used that induce people to “see music.”

He mentioned his own experience when he used ayahuasca, a powerful psychotropic plant, during a religious ceremony in Brazil‘s Amazon forest in 1991. “I experienced visions that had spiritual-religious connotations,” Shanon said.

He said the psychedelic effects of ayahuasca were comparable to those produced by concoctions based on bark of the acacia tree, that is frequently mentioned in the Bible.

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