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The Situation In Gaza: Is Israel At Fault?

Posted by Atilla89 on March 6, 2008

I’m very sorry about the lack of posts this week as I have been very busy. However, rest assured, I have been following the situation in the middle-east to the best of my ability. First off, kudos goes to John McCain for becoming the Republican candidate in this year’s election. Ok, now on to Israel, first we have an article from the Jerusalem Report about how a coalition of 8 British humanitarian groups are slamming Israel on its conduct in regards to its actions in the Gaza Strip. You can read the article in its entirety above, however, I’ve chosen a few highlights that I want to talk about below.

The report said that more than 1.1 million people, about 80 percent of Gaza’s residents, are now dependent on food aid, as opposed to 63 percent in 2006, unemployment is close to 40 percent and close to 70 percent of the 110,000 workers employed in the private sector have lost their jobs. It also said that hospitals are suffering from power cuts of up to 12 hours a day, and the water and sewage systems were close to collapse, with 40-50 million liters (10-12 million gallons) of sewage pouring into the sea daily.

I have total sympathy with the Palestinian residents in that regard, I really do. However what happened with all that aid money that was sent to them? There must have been billions, at least millions of dollars pumped into their country for basic aid. Now you may be quite surprised to hear this but even though Israel has listed Gaza as an enemy territory, guess what, they still send aid there!

The Defense Ministry also said medicines and medical equipment are shipped into Gaza with no limitation. On Wednesday, a typical day, the military said it allowed 69 truckloads of supplies into Gaza, including basic food and baby formula.

“Israel has the right and obligation to protect its citizens, but as the occupying power in Gaza it also has a legal duty to ensure that Gazans have access to food, clean water, electricity and medical care,” said Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen, one of groups behind the report. “Punishing the entire Gazan population by denying them these basic human rights is utterly indefensible. The current situation is man-made and must be reversed.”

‘Occupying power’? What are they smoking? Israel left the territory in 2005! Everyone knows this. The only legal duty that the Israeli government has to the Palestinians in Gaza is to stop them from launching rockets into Israel. The Israeli blockade exists for a reason and that reason is to stop Hamas from smuggeling weapons from Egypt and/or from air or sea. That’s why there is a blockade. Does Amnesty International UK think Israel likes putting its troops in danger just to patrol the border while being in the firing line? However Amnesty International UK is right in one thing, the current situation is man-made, it can easily be reversed. All that needs to happen is for Hamas to stop firing rockets into Israel and not harm Israel again, that’s it. Then the blockade goes down and the peace process can really begin (the talks that are happening between Israel and Fatah are as worthless as Olmert’s and Mazen’s leadership).

Ok now that I’ve got that out of my system, its time for the crazy guy from Ashkelon to have his glory. As you know, nearly every NGO, leftist organisation including the EU and the UN have been bitching about Israel using disproportionate force in the Gaza Strip. If by that they mean randomly launching rockets into civilian areas then… lets just say its not official policy (I’m kidding, of coarse Israel would never do such a thing).

Ashkelon resident Moshe Nissimpor decided that the best way to halt rocket fire from Gaza – in light of what he terms the government’s failure to do so – is some vigilante justice.

Nissimpor developed a homemade 200-millimeter ballistic missile which he planned to launch from Ashkelon into the Gaza Strip.

“From this day onwards, we will push back to the stone age every place which dares shoot missiles into Israel’s sovereign territory,” he said Wednesday. “It is time the world understood Israelis’ lives are not expendable.”

“I’m afraid this is the only language the Palestinians understand, and this is the language in which we’ll speak to them. I have many Gazan Palestinian friends who live as Hamas hostages. Once we bring an end to the rocket fire, Gaza’s residents will also live in peace,” he said.

Nissimpor arrived at the Ashkelon Municipality building with the missile painted black and lettered “to Hamas, from the residents of Ashkelon” in red, and was planning to launch it.

Ashkelon residents gathered round to cheer him on and protest the government’s conduct, but at the eleventh hour, police stopped him from firing the missile and seized it.

“I wish there were more ‘crazies’ like me in Israel,” Nissimpor said as the crowd was dispersed by the police.

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