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The Palestinian Culture of Violence And Its Future Effects

Posted by Atilla89 on March 1, 2008

Yesterday, I started talking about the need for Israel to go into the Gaza strip, topple the current government and set up a regime that will help the Palestinian people destroy their culture of violence they have worked so hard to instill into their children. I just wanted to return to the problem, this ‘culture of violence.’ Many Palestinians believe that this attitude of violence as a first resort will help them to destroy Israel and create their own state. Now, Pajamas Media has an article on this (of which I am basing this one off and you can read it here), which helps to explain a lot of the culture and its consequences in later generations that is inherent in the Gaza Strip at the moment. I’ll give you a really recent example, the suicide bombings at Dimona which killed an Israeli civilian and wounded another. Now ask yourself before watching this people, how many people do you know personally would celebrate the killing of an innocent? Would you yourself be happy if a person you knew was suddenly killed for no other reason other then that he or she belonged to a certain nationality? Or better yet, a religion? Now watch this.

Yes, I’m sure you have seen these clips and images before, but to me, the shock of seeing something like this never really fades. Every time I think about something like this, I still get horrified; I can only imagine what victims and their kin must go through when seeing something like this. Anyway, back to the point of this post. After watching this, it should be clear to you just how much these people embrace violence as one of their own. In order for an progress to be made between the Palestinians in Gaza and Israel, Palestinians need to look at their society that they are living in. Their culture of death will be end of them, not the IDF not economic sanctions but themselves. The only reason that their society has not collapsed into one of civil war and tribalism is the fact that they all have one common enemy, Israel. Lets just say for arguments sake that the Palestinians were somehow successful in achieving their lifelong dream of destroying Israel. Palestinians are celebrating in Jerusalem, AK rounds are going off everywhere and massive celebrations are had by all. Fast forward 10 maybe 20 years later. A huge civil war is going on in Palestine, that culture of death, hate and violence that was nurtured onto Palestinian children all those years ago has finally burst through. That is what will happen if the Palestinians of today keep on doing tomorrow.

You may be asking me know, where’s your proof for this how do you know that this would happen, Palestinians are only like this because Israel treats them like animals. Well the proof of this happened not to long ago. Think back when there was essentially a civil war in the Gaza Strip, Hamas vs. Fatah. It had nothing to do with Israel, this was a war to gain control of the Gaza Strip. Research into sociology and social psychology has shown that once there is no longer an external enemy to focus on, those same violent tendencies and expressions used against the enemy will bloom within a society. Like I said above, no Israel, no unity amongst the Palestinians equals civil war. Think about how Gazan treated Gazan during the Hamas coup:

In the past 48 hours 19 Palestinians have been killed, tossed from rooftops, executed at point-blank range, and shot in hospital wards. That number seems certain to rise. More than 80 Palestinians have now been killed since mid May.

Among yesterday’s dead was a 14-year-old boy and three women, all killed in a Hamas attack on a Fatah security officer’s home.

“They’re firing at us, firing RPGs, firing mortars. We’re not Jews,” the brother of Jamal Abu Jediyan, a Fatah commander, pleaded during a live telephone conversation with a Palestinian radio station.

Minutes later both men were dragged into the streets and riddled with bullets.

Still think what I am saying is false? Unless the Palestinians themselves stop this, and it will have to be Palestinians (can you imagine an Israeli telling a Palestinian how to behave?) there is no hope for Palestinians or a ‘Palestine’.


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