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Prince Harry Leaves Afghanistan

Posted by Atilla89 on March 1, 2008

Just in case you didn’t know, Prince Harry (nicknamed by his men the “ginger bullet magnet”) who was serving in Afghanistan has been pulled out of there because of leaks from the media, specifically The Drudge Report. Of coarse due to the fact that he is a bullet magnet, he can’t stay in Afghanistan anymore which is a real shame as his time in the military has started to take away the image of a rich brat living the playboy life. Having said this, I have a bit of a mixed opinion regarding this, its not as if Al-Qaeda know which base he is in or where his current location is… But the powers that be have decided that he is to much of a risk now and away he goes. Pajamas Media has a nice little tribute article about this. Here is an section that I really like.

In many ways, this is an ideal tabloid story, tapping in to uncomplicated veins of patriotism, bravery, and the still-strong respect for the institution of the monarchy (if not always its personnel). For the more discerning observer, too, there are plenty of pleasing echoes to the tale; the revelation that it was the monarch herself who told Harry of his imminent deployment; that it was to Afghanistan, setting for the colonial exploits romanticised by Kipling and MacDonald Fraser’s Flashman novels , that he was posted; and that he was serving alongside the last vestiges of that imperial army – the feared Gurkhas of Nepal, the best infantrymen in the world. Why, even his nickname, Harry, recalls famous warrior princes of Shakespearean legend; should he succeed to the throne, it would be as Henry IX.

I love Fraser’s novels, Harry Flashman for the win!

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