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Children of Bodom Concert Coming Up!

Posted by Atilla89 on March 26, 2008

Good news fellow metal heads,

In a few months time I will be going to see one of the best bands to come out of Finland, Children of Bodom! There is still quite some time between now and then but I felt I should give you all a heads up so you know what coming in the future. Expect plenty of photos and a informal review about the concert.


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Double Post: New IDF Technology and US Rewarding Arab Terrorism

Posted by Atilla89 on March 25, 2008

Sorry everyone about the lack of posts; I’ve been really busy. I want to let you know, and this is in all seriousnous that because of the lack of time that I have, expect these sorts of gaps between posts (plus nothing much has really been happening politically). Two things, first, a really cool new device from the IDF.

A new IDF automatic fire system was installed Monday in the Netiv Ha’asara neighborhood which will enable the army to fire at Palestinian gunmen near border fence without the need to deploy manpower.

The system, which was installed in a number of locations in the Gaza periphery, can be activated by soldiers located at an observation post outside the Gaza Strip.

I am hoping that it looks something like the automatic machine guns guarding the doors to the main command area in the movie Aliens, that would be awesome.

The second thing is about the blunders that the U.S. government have been making in the Israel/Arab conflict. I am talking about the aide given to the ‘moderate’ Fatah leader, Abu Mazen. Hat tip to FrontPage.

For the first time, the Bush Administration plans to give $150 million in cash directly to the Palestinian Authority (PA) Treasury, as part of a $496.5 million “aid” package, including $410 million for development programs. This added to the $86.5 million for CIA “security training”, which Congress authorized in April 2007.

What the..? Um, lets go back a bit in time, this is the same organisation a few years ago under the leadership of Arafat which either put that aide money into their (the leaders of that organisation) own personal bank accounts or used it to help fund the 2nd Intifada.

The CIA has apparently assumed the Palestinian terrorist-training role previously held by the former Soviet Union. Since 1994, the CIA armed and trained thousands of Palestinian “security forces”, who subsequently joined every Palestinian terrorist organization.

CIA Palestinian training success is best described by a member of the PA’s Chairman own security unit – Force 17, officer Abu Yusef: “The operations of the Palestinian resistance would [not] have been so successful and “would not have killed more than 1,000 Israelis since 2000, and defeated the Israelis in Gaza without [American military] trainings,” he boasted in August 2007.

Which now begs the question, exactly why in the first place, are we even trying to negotiate peace with these thugs, let alone give them lots of money???

Since the Oslo Accords, the PA received some $14 billion to $20 billion in international aid, according to a 2007 Funding for Peace Coalition (FPC) report to the British Parliament. [emphasis added] Each Palestinian received $4,000 to $8,000 per year. In comparison, the US Agency for International Development (USAID), provided $1 billion in humanitarian aid for 2.5 million Darfur refugees from 2003 to 2006 – only $100 per person annually. Moreover, of the $7 billion pledged international aid, only $5 billion were spent to assist more than 5 million Tsunami victims in more than 15 countries on two continents.

The PA received “the highest per capita aid transfer in the history of foreign aid anywhere”, [emphasis added] according to former World Bank country director for Gaza and the West Bank, Nigel Roberts.

People continue to talk about negotiating peace with Abbas. Bush, Rice and Olmert are forever telling us that Fatah is the moderate party here and that we should keep trying. To that, I say bullshit.

Like Muslim Brotherhood, Marxist–trained Jihadist Arafat, neither does Abbas “recognize that confronting terror is essential to achieving a state where his people can live in dignity and at peace with Israel,” as President Bush declared.

Abbas remains committed to the organization’s raison d’etre – destroying Israel and expelling the Jewish people from the region. Despite public Fatah-Hamas leadership disagreements, branding one another “murderers and thieves”, Abbas arranged on Jan. 30 to give Hamas $3.1 billion of $7.7 billion that international donor community pledged last December in Paris.

Look at that, even though there was a civil war, they still support and give aide to each other. Its just another logical reason why negotiation at the moment is useless and downright stupid.

Abbas’ support for Hamas is not new. In Feb. 2007, He announced, “We must unite the Hamas and Fatah blood in the struggle against Israel as we did at the beginning of the intifada.” He stated this en route to Mecca to meet with the Saudi King, and Hamas terror chiefs Khaled Mashaal and Ismail Haniyeh. The Saudis pledged hundreds of millions of dollars in “humanitarian aid” – which, like previous pledges, they failed to deliver.

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Voluntary Student Unionism Counter Protest

Posted by Atilla89 on March 19, 2008

Today I decided to attend a counter protest against those protesting against Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU); pictures are below. Firstly I want to say that everyone including myself had a great time, screaming out chants and generally trying our best to make life hell for the other protesters. There was quite a few police on the road between us and them. There was even riot police just in case things got out of hand. There was between 40 and 50 of us and at least 200+ of them. The protest was held on Parramatta Rd with students from multiple universities such as Sydney University, UNSW, UTS and Macquarie University taking part. Our counter protest theoretically started at 12pm and run until 2pm, however it was more like 5 minutes of actual protest time.

Now, let me explain the issue at hand if you are unfamiliar. VSU is a practice put in to place by the Howard Government that gave the option to students whether they wanted to join Australian National Union of Students (ANUS) or not. Its not cheap to join the union, $99, however you do get benefits out of it like being allowed to join clubs, getting discounts, having a say in political matters, etc. I myself belong to this union as do many students. However, this is not the issue. The issue is choice; at the moment people can choose whether they want to fork out $99 or not. Rudd has pledged that he will keep it that way. However the Student Union at my university wants to change this, believing that they have been weakened by VSU. I am against this, even though I still am apart of them. The Australian Liberal Student’s Federation explains it better here.

“VSU has benefited students across Australia” said Timothy Andrews, President of the Australian Liberal Students’ Federation.

“Statistics show that under VSU, students have saved an average of over $200 annually – and in some cases as much almost $500. Unions that have embraced the needs of students and improved services are now reaping the rewards of increased revenue through greater membership. While elite student politicians complain about their salary cuts, real students have benefited from this reform. VSU is about Students, not student unions”.

Mr Andrews dismissed claims that VSU had seen essential campus services cut from Australian universities.

”Services that are valued by students have been retained due to their popularity. If student organisations are as good as Labor claims, 100% of students would join voluntarily. Students should not be forced to pay twice for essential government services such as childcare if Kevin Rudd fails to provide them.”

“Despite clear evidence of the benefits of VSU, Labor seems intent on breaking its pre-election promise and reintroduce compulsory student unionism by stealth. Kate Ellis has consistently refused to rule out imposing a compulsory fee on students. Regardless of what it is named, the horror of compulsory unionism is a real threat under Labor.”

“Compulsory amenities fees are no more than compulsory unionism by stealth. They failed students in Victoria and they will fail students elsewhere. These proposals are unequitable, unjust and will not only violate students rights to freedom of association, but will significantly damage student life on campus.

Under the proposal being put forward by the Australian National Union of Students, individuals would be charged a compulsory levy to be debited against their HECS loan.

Mr Andrews labeled the plan as hypocritical.

“You cannot on one hand argue that the cost of higher education is too high, yet be calling for an extra $179 million per annum to be charged to student loans,” said Mr Andrews, referring to the cost of compulsorily acquired service fees. Both Labor and the NUS have consistently attacked the cost of university education, Mr Andrews added.

“This is simply compulsory student unionism re-badged,” Mr Andrews said. “It does not allow students to choose whether they pay for services that they will not use – it simply means an increase in their HELP debt.”


The ‘others’ aka ANUS Protesters + Police Escort


More of the Same

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Why I Won’t Be Celebrating 60 Years Of Israel: Rebuttal

Posted by Atilla89 on March 14, 2008

For those who have not heard of Antony Loewenstein I suggest you Google his name now. To put it bluntly every single anti-Zionist will love this guy while everyone who stands for truth will despise him. He’s just written a most ridiculous article for the ABC, read it here. Now enjoy me showing just how false Loewenstein is.

Like Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s recent apology to the
Stolen Generations, the local Jewish community celebrated the gesture
of reconciliation to the indigenous population, but as I wrote in
Haaretz remained unwilling to extend this sentiment to the

Gee, I wonder why? Maybe because it is rightfully our land even though we were quite prepared to submit to the UN Resolution to divide it with the Palestinians.

The fact that Israel’s continued colonisation of the occupied territories has made a two-state solution almost impossible is unmentionable. The motion received bipartisan support.

Loewenstein talks of the settlements being a barrier to peace in the region. Let me demonstrate how that is false.

  • From 1949-67, when Jews were forbidden to live on the West Bank, the Arabs refused to make peace with Israel.
  • From 1967-77, the Labor Party established only a few strategic settlements in the territories, yet the Arabs were unwilling to negotiate peace with Israel.
  • In 1977, months after a Likud government committed to greater settlement activity took power, Egyptian President Sadat went to Jerusalem and later signed a peace treaty with Israel. Incidentally, Israeli settlements existed in the Sinai and those were removed as part of the agreement with Egypt.
  • One year later, Israel froze settlement building for three months, hoping the gesture would entice other Arabs to join the Camp David peace process. But none would.
  • In 1994, Jordan signed a peace agreement with Israel and settlements were not an issue. If anything, the number of Jews living in the territories was growing.
  • Between June 1992 and June 1996, under Labor-led governments, the Jewish population in the territories grew by approximately 50 percent. This rapid growth did not prevent the Palestinians from signing the Oslo accords in September 1993 or the Oslo 2 agreement in September 1995.
  • In 2000, Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered to dismantle dozens of settlement, but the Palestinians still would not agree to end the conflict.


However, Labor backbenchers were unhappy about the motion, with Julia
Irwin telling ABC radio that she found “it hard to congratulate a
country which carries out human rights abuses each day, and shows
blatant disregard for the United Nations.”

That is just blatantly false.

Arabs in Israel have equal voting rights; in fact, it is one of the few places in the Middle East where Arab women may vote. Arabs currently hold 8 seats in the 120-seat Knesset. Israeli Arabs have also held various government posts, including one who served as Israel’s ambassador to Finland and the current deputy mayor of Tel Aviv. Oscar Abu Razaq was appointed Director General of the Ministry of Interior, the first Arab citizen to become chief executive of a key government ministry. Ariel Sharon’s original cabinet included the first Arab minister, Salah Tarif, a Druze who served as a minister without portfolio. An Arab is also a Supreme Court justice. Arabic, like Hebrew, is an official language in Israel. More than 300,000 Arab children attend Israeli schools. At the time of Israel’s founding, there was one Arab high school in the country. Today, there are hundreds of Arab schools. In 2002, the Israeli Supreme Court also ruled that the government cannot allocate land based on religion or ethnicity, and may not prevent Arab citizens from living wherever they choose.


Though IDF actions have caused hardship for the Palestinian population, the IDF has continued to ensure that humanitarian assistance is provided to Palestinians in need. For example, during just one 48-hour period (January 5-6, 2003), the IDF:

  • Coordinated the movement of Palestinians seeking medical care, assisting 40 to go to hospitals, including four patients from Gaza who were transferred to Israel for medical treatment.
  • Coordinated the movement of 284 Palestinians in the West Bank who were transferred by ambulance.
  • Coordinated the passage of building materials for the construction of a hospital in Kalkilya.
  • Coordinated the passage of humanitarian goods to Bethlehem.
  • Coordinated entry of ration cards sent by an international aid organization to the residents of Azoun.
  • Enabled the distribution of ration cards by the Red Cross in Salfit.
  • Coordinated the passage of agricultural produce and food between Muassi and Khan Yunis.
  • Coordinated the passage of an UNRWA team in Gaza to aid in the disposal of rubbish.
  • Arranged entry into Kalkilya for an Israeli Arab family from East Jerusalem to attend their son’s wedding.

Even at the height of military action, such as the operation to clean out the terrorist nest in the Jenin refugee camp, Israeli forces have gone out of their way to assist Palestinian non-combatants. In the case of the Jenin operation, for example, the hospital there was kept running with a generator delivered under fire by an Israeli officer. The best way to improve the situation for the Palestinians in the territories is for the Palestinian Authority to take the steps laid out by the Bush Administration — end the violence, reform its institutions, and elect new leaders — so that peace talks may resume and a settlement can be negotiated.


Now are you starting to see why I abhor these people?

I joined the petition protesting the motion because it negates the
Palestinian narrative and celebrates, even white-washes, the ethnic
cleansing that took place in 1948. …

Huh? What is he on about?

The Palestinians knew, despite their rhetoric to the contrary, the Jews were not trying to annihilate them; otherwise, they would not have been allowed to evacuate Tiberias, Haifa or any of the other towns captured by the Jews. Moreover, the Palestinians could find sanctuary in nearby states. The Jews, however, had no place to run had they wanted to. They were willing to fight to the death for their country. It came to that for many, because the Arabs were interested in annihilating the Jews, as Secretary-General of the Arab League Azzam Pasha made clear in an interview with the BBC on the eve of the war (May 15, 1948): “The Arabs intend to conduct a war of extermination and momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades.”

I am sure that he is thinking of Deir Yassin well read this source and decide for yourself.


A new book by Jonathan Cook, a former Guardian journalist now based in
Nazareth, reveals the real agenda of the Jewish state and its
Washington masters. Israel and the Clash of Civilizations methodically
argues that regional chaos actually helps, not hinders, their imperial
plans. “The actual goal of the Israeli strategy,” Cook writes, is to
convince Western policy makers that “a series of civil wars and the
partition of Arab states” is beneficial to their interests. He goes

Imperial plans? Why would Israel give back the Sinai, a whole heap of Lebanon, the Gaza Strip and be prepared to evacuate settlements in the West Bank if they were imperialist. Correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t ‘imperialist’ imply the invasion of other countries in order to control them… Hasn’t Israel been doing the opposite of that in the above examples?

By tying the fates of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian
territories to the US occupation of Iraq, by miring the American
forces in the same, constant human rights abuses that Israeli forces
committed daily in the West Bank and Gaza, the two projects stood or
fell together. The futures of the Israeli and US occupations became
inextricably entwined. … Zionists in Australia refuse to acknowledge a recent poll in Israel
that found a majority of citizens want to engage with Hamas. They
ignore the on-the-ground reality that leaves a two-state solution dead
in its tracks. The alternative is a truly democratic state, neither
Jewish nor Muslim.

Ignoring the first part because that was addressed above. Is Loewenstein supporting a 1 state solution? Hasn’t that already been discredited because it would involve Israel committing demographic suicide? A majority of Arabs in this ‘1 state’ would turn it into an Islamic Arab state that may as well be renamed Palestine. Tell me, was that the goal of Zionism to live in an Arab Islamic state as a minority? Hell no!

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Jordanian MP’s Call To End Peace Treaty With Israel; Moses High On Sinai?

Posted by Atilla89 on March 14, 2008

I’ve decided on a double post for today. Jordan, at the moment has the best Arab alliance with Israel. However, that could start to come into doubt in regards to this news. Hat tip: Eye On The World.

At least 38 members of the Jordanian Parliament signed a petition on Thursday calling on Jordan to end its peace treaty with Israel, according to Ansamed. The parliament refused to vote on the petition, and several Islamic MPs left the hall in protest.

Islamic Action Front (IAF) head MP Hamzeh Mansour explained that the petition was a response to Israel’s “war crimes in Gaza,” as he termed recent IDF counterterrorism operations. The IAF would need a unanimous parliamentary vote in order to begin the process of ending Jordan’s peace treaty with Israel.

Personally, I don’t think Jordan will stop its peace treaty with Israel. For one thing, both countries have worked exceptionally hard to get their relations with each other where they are now. As well as this, I doubt America would be to happy with Jordan as well. Now something slightly more interesting. For those that are atheists, I doubt you will greet this with any major surprise, for those that aren’t, well, this guy may be onto something. Hat tip to Rantings of a Sandmonkey.

High on Mount Sinai, Moses was on psychedelic drugs when he heard God deliver the Ten Commandments, an Israeli researcher claimed in a study published this week.

Such mind-altering substances formed an integral part of the religious rites of Israelites in biblical times, Benny Shanon, a professor of cognitive psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem wrote in the Time and Mind journal of philosophy.

“As far Moses on Mount Sinai is concerned, it was either a supernatural cosmic event, which I don’t believe, or a legend, which I don’t believe either, or finally, and this is very probable, an event that joined Moses and the people of Israel under the effect of narcotics,” Shanon told Israeli public radio on Tuesday.

Moses was probably also on drugs when he saw the “burning bush,” suggested Shanon, who said he himself has dabbled with such substances.

The Bible says people see sounds, and that is a clasic phenomenon,” he said citing the example of religious ceremonies in the Amazon in which drugs are used that induce people to “see music.”

He mentioned his own experience when he used ayahuasca, a powerful psychotropic plant, during a religious ceremony in Brazil‘s Amazon forest in 1991. “I experienced visions that had spiritual-religious connotations,” Shanon said.

He said the psychedelic effects of ayahuasca were comparable to those produced by concoctions based on bark of the acacia tree, that is frequently mentioned in the Bible.

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3 PARA Review And The Issue Of Dividing Jerusalem

Posted by Atilla89 on March 13, 2008

Sorry for the lack of recent posts. I have been very busy with work and with uni. The situation is going to get even more busier so don’t expect many posts in the future. Don’t worry, I will do my best to keep posting as much as physically possible in this situation. First I want to talk about the book that I am reading at the moment, 3 Para. Its a very good book about the British in Afghanistan during the summer of 2006. Its a great read which talks about the war from the soldier’s point of view as well as talking a little bit about the current (then) situation in Afghanistan during the beginning. It successfully combines history, politics and the personal soldiers to make a really memorable read. Get this book from Amazon here. You can also check out what other people have thought of this book. I also want to add something from one of the reviewers which will have significance once you read the book.

“As a postscript (and not part of the book itself), readers will be interested to know that the Commanding Officer of 3 Para Battle Group – Lt. Colonel Stuart Tootal DSO OBE (the DSO being awarded for his outstanding service in Afghanistan) resigned in November 2007 after attacking the Ministry of Defence over “poor pay for soldiers, lack of equipment, the standard of army housing and poor medical treatment afforded to his injured soldiers.”

I was recently emailed this article about the issue of Jerusalem in regards to negotiations between Israel and the PA. The article’s belief is that it is not a matter of if and whether, it is a matter of when and how Jerusalem will be divided. I don’t have a link that I can show you for this article, however, I can tell you that this was written by Douglas Bloomfield in 2008, it is called ‘Dividing Jerusalem – when, not whether’.

Jerusalem will be divided. The question isn’t whether, but when and how. The city’s borders have been shifting for 3,000 years.

Today’s borders will not be tomorrow’s. Already the security barrier cuts off some parts of the city, and the Palestinian Authority, with American funding, is building a road linking East Jerusalem to Ramallah.

The Jewish majority is shrinking as many secular Jews move away, complaining “the city is too poor, too Orthodox and too Arab,” reports the JTA. If a few years, if the present borders remain unchanged, David’s City could be come Daud’s City and have a Palestinian mayor.

This actually is a very real problem. I remember last year when I was in Israel, my tour guide was talking about the issue of there being a lot of Arabs in Jerusalem and what would happen to the city when they were a majority. The problem is, these people can vote. I’ve heard arguments that range from imposing Apartheid on these people to stop them from voting, but I believe that is fundamentally wrong in principle.

Ariel Sharon understood the inevitability of dividing the city; his initial plans for the security barrier included putting some Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem on the far side. American Jews who are increasingly demanding a voice in deciding the fate of Jerusalem understand the same reality; many oppose any change in the city’s borders, including jettisoning Arab neighborhoods that were added only after 1967, because they oppose any and all land for peace deals with the Palestinians.

Without Jerusalem, no deal is possible. There will be no end to the Arab-Israeli conflict nor will there be international recognition of the city as Israel’s capital, even by the United States.

I kind of agree with the above plan, however I don’t think it will work. The PA will just demand more and more of Jerusalem until they control all of it. It may work, however I have my doubts. As well as this, Bibi brings up another good point as to why this may not work.

All too often talk of an “undivided” Jerusalem is less about preserving Jewish patrimony than blocking a peace settlement with the Palestinians. There is a two-state consensus among Israelis today, but there is also a vocal rejectionist camp. One of its leaders is Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu, has said that if he becomes prime minister again he will shut down the US-initiated peace talks begun at Annapolis last November.

This Jeremiah of his generation warns that if Israel leaves any part of Jerusalem “Hamas comes in” and will “start rocketing” and shooting into the Jewish neighborhoods. Withdrawal, he told American Jewish leaders recently, “will just put us one step closer to being forced out of the whole country.”

It is true that allowing Palestinians to build up this close to Jerusalem will allow them to build rockets and use that area as a staging base into Israel. There are two ways to counter this however, one is that the IDF will have to keep a continuous eye on that area and two is that the PA might just be able to control their own militia (terrorists). You can imagine my skepticism I’m sure. You can read the whole article by pressing the ‘more’ link.

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Appeasing Islam

Posted by Atilla89 on March 10, 2008

This guy, Pat Condell makes some very, very interesting points in his new video. I wouldn’t say that I would agree with him 100%, but 95% of it is definitely speaking to me. This line, in relation to Europe, is definitely one of his best “freedom was handed to us… is not ours to give it away…” Hat tip to LGF.

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No UNSC Resolution Condemning Jerusalem Atrocity, Thank Libya

Posted by Atilla89 on March 8, 2008

If ever you were in doubt of the UN’s shitty morality standards, check this out; hat tip to LGF. Before you read the article below though, just consider for a second, a man goes to a school, pulls out a gun and kills eight students. In America, first thing you would think of would be of an event similar to Columbine, no? Obviously the killer, if he has not killed himself, would be sentenced to a lengthy term in jail. Well imagine this has happened with where another country/territory was involved. At the very least there should be a condemnation from the reigning international power group, the UN. No such thing has occurred, and will probably not happen, thanks to Libya.

The United States accused Libya on Thursday of preventing the Security Council from condemning as a “terrorist attack” a deadly assault on a Jewish school in Jerusalem, but Tripoli called for “balanced action.”

The United States had drafted a statement that was discussed at an emergency U.N. Security Council session called to debate an attack by a Palestinian gunman who killed at least eight people and wounded at least 10 more at an Israeli religious school. “The members of the Security Council condemn in the strongest terms the terrorist attack that took place in Jerusalem March 6, 2008 which resulted in the death and injury of dozens of Israeli civilians,” said the draft statement. The U.S. delegation had hoped the 15-nation council would unanimously support the text but Libya, backed by several other council members, prevented its adoption. “We were not able to come to an agreement because the Libyan delegation with the support of one or two others did not want to condemn this act by itself but wanted to link it to other issues,” U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Zalmay Khalilzad told reporters after the council meeting. The Libyans wanted to include in the statement language condemning the recent Israeli incursions into Gaza, which have killed over 120 Palestinians, many of them civilians. Khalilzad rejected that. He said killing students in a school was different from the unintentional killing of civilians. Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin agreed, saying, “To see people walk into a religious school and open fire on the students there, that is really something which should give one pause, especially those who care about religion.” He said the attack by the Palestinian gunman was a “clear-cut individual act of terrorism.”

I think Charles Johnson from LGF said it best, “They wouldn’t condemn mass murder, but the United Nations found time today to condemn Israel for defending itself from Palestinian rocket attacks.”

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Awesome New McCain Ad

Posted by Atilla89 on March 8, 2008

This is seriously one of the best ad I’ve seen for a U.S. candidate in a long time. Its got everything that I like in it, Churchill, great rhetoric, space images and of course, McCain himself. Go watch it.

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IDF soldier killed by explosive device near Kissufim

Posted by Atilla89 on March 6, 2008

Really breaking news, as in I just read this after I posted the previous post. Read the whole thing at the Jerusalem Post.

A soldier in an IDF tracking unit was killed and another soldier seriously wounded on Thursday by a bomb near Kissufim, shortly after gun battles were reported in the area.

The wounded soldier was airlifted to the hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, Palestinian medical officials said an IDF attack on a rocket-launching site in northern Gaza killed a Palestinian operative. The army had no immediate comment.

Also Thursday morning, five Kassam rockets slammed into open fields in the western Negev, and four mortar shells fired from the Gaza strip hit open fields near Ein Hashlosha. Gunfire was also heard in the area.

A security officer picking up the remnants of a Kassam rocket in Sderot.

Photo: AP

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