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Defeated Romney Endorses McCain

Posted by Atilla89 on February 15, 2008

More news on the Republican side of American politics. McCain’s position is looking much stronger in the Republican camp as Mitt Romney has decided to support McCain for the primaries. This is great news because many in the Republican camp firmly held to the belief of ‘Anyone but McCain’. This was because many believed that McCain’s social policies for example illegal immigration were not compatible with the beliefs of the Republicans.

 The former Massachusetts governor would “give my full support to Senator McCain’s candidacy,” Mr Romney told a news conference with Senator McCain at his side.

Mr Romney also asked the 291 delegates pledged to vote for him to switch allegiance to Senator McCain at the September Republican Party nominating convention.

This is great news for obvious reasons as McCain will now draw closer to the required number of delegates to with the Primaries. Now McCain has 825 delegates and if he adds the 291 delegates from Romney then he will only need 75 more delegates to win. At this point in time, the only other real contender is Mike Huckabee who has 240 delegates. Nearly all political pundits have dismissed him as having a chance because of McCain’s lead being to great.

Mr Romney described Senator McCain, a former Vietnam prisoner of war, as a “true American hero” and the “next president of the United States”.

His announcement from his bastion of Boston, Massachusetts, was in stark contrast to the bitter exchanges Mr Romney had with Senator McCain during the campaign.

Senator McCain often painted Mr Romney as a flip-flopper on key issues, while the Massachusetts governor said he was the true conservative in the race.

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