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Christian Coptics In Egypt Documentary

Posted by Atilla89 on February 10, 2008

In the western world, everybody seems to believe that the two most moderate Arab countries in the Arab world (Egypt and Jordan) would actually be nice places to live. People believe that there is religious freedom and good living conditions and so on. Well there is religious freedom there but only if you are Muslim. This three part documentary follows a journalists as he investigates the Christian Coptic community in Egypt. Its a very interesting documentary and well worth your time to watch it. Watching this makes me really appreciate Sandmonkey’s posts all the more. Hat tip to LGF.

12 Responses to “Christian Coptics In Egypt Documentary”

  1. samah samy said

    people are working in this feild coz it brings lots of money not only coptis cristians that live in places like this but also muslims live in a similar places slubs i once showed my english freind one of them and she told me that this was very bad i asked her if they had something similar she said yes but not like that but in the biggest nation greatest one that spend thousands of trilions to save the world from scum united states of america has got lots of dirty places where there lots of rubbish like harlem for example ever went to other affrican nations they r lots worse than that the guy saying that zabalin mean rubbish people i dont know if he is a lair or he simply dont know coz zabalin in arabic mean rubbish colector not people lots of places whether domonated by muslims or cristian in egypt have lots of rubbish even if they dont collect them and about rats its alaround egypt and off course not only egypt

  2. samah samy said

    again i will comment on the second clip which is talking about cristians been abused by muslim extrimists.the guy forgot to say that even muslims have been killed by those extrimists even policemen and about what happened in luxr that was long ago and muslims have been shot too.for that girl that left home and married at 17 what the reporter in th clip dont know or lie about it dont know is that marrinhg at that age is illeagle wrong Mr deviator in egypt girls boys have Id card from age of 16 girls can marry at the age of 16 and boys at the age of 18.he says that converter from islam to cristianity is not allowed to put they new religion in ID cards this was before but recently the cort gave them the right to do so before they had the right to convert but not register it coz they used such insidents to run away from law suits that doesnt relate to religion. about the way that some policesmen deal with people that is ablicable to both muslims and cristians both are been teated badly and if anyone cares u can check what happens for orthodox muslims on the police stations or even ordinary peopol and that raised alerts and lots of policemen have been suspeded and have trails.plz dont say part of the truth coz u want something

  3. Atilla89 said

    Interesting, its always good for another perspective then. To be honest, I had no idea about this in the first place. However samah, I think it would be hard not to describe their living conditions as shit. Another point is that according to this documentary, it is almost impossible for these people to be able to become part of Egyptian society what do you have to say for that?

  4. Anonymous said

    it looks like that the videos are no longer available. Looks like Youtube’s censorship has again worked… 😡

  5. […] Christian Coptics In Egypt DocumentaryIn the western world, everybody seems to believe that the two most moderate Arab countries in the Arab world (Egypt and Jordan) would actually be nice places to live. People believe that there is religious freedom and good living … […]

  6. londonjohn said

    very interesting all videos worked

  7. Atilla89 said


  8. jojoo said

    these videos are very intersting but iwant to see more

  9. miky said

    very intersting videos but iam asking why Atilla89 said Yay! because that is the truth in egypt that many coptices kill

  10. joojoo said

    miky is true Bcoz these videos are very very very intersting

  11. miky said


  12. Cairo Egypt Hotels…

    Still, the fact that Egypt and Saudi Arabia are capable of holding Hamas responsible says something about the extreme condescension of many westerners, if not Canoe News….

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