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Smallville “Fracture” Preview

Posted by shkoles on February 8, 2008

Hey guys, this next episode of Smallville is shaping to be the best of the season. Below is a 2 short paragraphs describing the next episode, enjoy!

Preview no 1.
Lois follows Lex to Detroit and discovers he has found Kara, who has amnesia. Finley, a busboy who is obsessed with Kara, fears Lex will take her away, so he shoots Lex and holds Kara and Lois captive. However after Lex’s comatose body is found,
Chloe offers to heal him, but Clark refuses to let her……

Preview no 2.
Lex’s search for Kara takes a deadly turn when he finds the amnesiac super-heroine hanging out in Detroit with a gun-toting stalker-crazy busboy. Once the bullets start flying, however, the bald bad boy learns just how far he’s fallen once Clark decides he’s done saving his Nemesis’s behind….

Here are 2 preview images from the episode “Fracture”.

Someone has a visitor….fracture1.jpg I wouldn’t trust him…. fracture2.jpg

I found a trailer for the upcoming episode “Fracture” so enjoy!!! STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES!


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