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Wikipedia: The Target Of Muslim Anger

Posted by Atilla89 on February 5, 2008

Supposedly there are now a lot of Muslims who are angry at the information website for publishing *gasp* images of Mohammad on his information page. So now they have decided to ban together and demand that Wikipedia stop violating their religion and remove the offending images. They’ve gone about this with an online petition that’s already gathered 84103 signatures! Here’s the article in question and here is the online petition. Hat tip to LGF

Removal of the Pics of Muhammad from Wikipedia
Target: To tell wikipedia editors to respect other peoples religion
Sponsored by: Faraz AhmadIn Islam pictures or Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and other holly figures are not allowed, but on wikipedia they has published some pictures that are showing not only a body with white face but an image that has a complete face.. that is even not allowed by SHITAT fact of Islam. I request all my brothers and sisters to sign this petition so we can tell wikipedia to remove them.

However, Wikipedia have some backbone and said:

Please note that discussion on this talk page has determined that pictures of Muhammad will not be removed from this article and any removal of the pictures without discussion here first will be reverted on sight.

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