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The Breach In The Blockade: Gaza Strip

Posted by Atilla89 on January 25, 2008

As most of you know, there was a breach in the blockade around the Gaza Strip (The Australian) that occurred yesterday (24/1/08) around in the Gaza-Egyptian border. The Hamas government is quite clearly behind it, no doubt about that. Even eyewitnesses such as Palestinian guard, Abu Usama said that “I’ve seen this happening over the last few months. It happened in the daytime but was covered up so that nobody would see.” Furthermore, he said that “It was the Government that was doing this.” Only a government would have the technological no-how and organisation to pull something like this off.

A Hamas border guard told The Times [that] Hamas had been involved for months in slicing through the metal wall using oxy-acetylene cutting torches.

When the explosive charges were set off in 17 different locations after midnight the night before last, the 12m-high wall came tumbling down, leaving it lying down the middle of no-man’s land as an estimated 350,000 Gazans flooded into Egypt.

The motive for this is clear, the Gaza Strip under Hamas is running out of supplies, the Israel blockade is working in that sense, however, instead of trying to make peace with Israel, Hamas is just doing what it does best, pillaging and stealing from their neighbours.

Almost a quarter of the entire population of Gaza have entered Egypt in the past two days to stock up on goods made scarce by the blockade Israel imposed on the Gaza Strip following last week’s rocket bombardment of the Israeli border town of Sderot.

Thousands of people herded back cows, sheep and even camels from Egypt into the strip while Egyptian security forces looked on. Others brought back motorbikes and fuel. Many women lugged back cans of olive oil.

I really feel sorry for the Egyptians right about now… Now it should be quite clear why Hamas did this; they need to rearm now.

Israeli officials voiced fears that Egypt’s decision to allow Gazans to cross the border unhindered would allow militants to rearm.

“We are worried, as these breaches not only permit Palestinians to leave the Gaza Strip, but also permit Hamas to easily infiltrate arms and terrorists from Egypt,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Arye Mekel said.

You think…?

Incredibly, Hamas denies that their men did this and at the same time both Fatah and Hamas blame Israel! I’m sorry did I miss something here?

 Fatah and Hamas blamed Israel for the breakout. “Israel is responsible for what has happened — this is the consequence of the blockade imposed on Gaza,” a Fatah spokesman said.

You’re right this is the consequence of the blockade, but guess what the blockade is a consequence of, terror. If you support terror and actively wage it, don’t be angry when Israel comes knocking at your door.

Oh, and the UN said something to, but whatever…

The UN Security Council was to meet overnight to finalise a statement calling for “an immediate end to all acts of violence” in the region.

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