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Jihad Made In Britain

Posted by Atilla89 on December 7, 2007

A very interesting article here from Pajamas Media by Mary Jackson (actual article) which puts Islam into perspective in the UK. It pretty much talks about how some (possible a majority – I have no idea) Muslims refuse to assimilate into British culture, or, they assimilate by using their modern technology (mobiles [cell phone], Internet, etc) to spread their ideologies (Islamism).

Jawa Report comments by saying: “Why assimilate when the government will pay you to sit on your ass and make YouTube videos all day about how unjust and oppressive that very government is to Muslims? Think I’m wrong? Recall that even though Omar Bakri Mohammed has been barred from coming back to Britain, that his wife and kids still live in London off government welfare. It’s one thing to sit at home wearing a burka, but try to go get a job wearing one and let’s see where that gets you. Or how about starting a business wearing the attire of choice for young Islamists in the U.K., M. C. Hammer pants?”

And of course, some Muslims can be very intolerant of when they don’t get what they want… (hat tip to The Jawa Report)

British culture has been coarsened and cheapened by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. But Mary Jackson argues that Muslim rejection of English tradition and its exploitation of her society’s failings is uniquely dangerous.

Not long ago, my colleague at the New English Review observed a young Muslim woman on the London Underground:

She was wearing tight dark trousers, a trendy silver plaited belt slung about her hips, a parka with luxuriant fake fur trim pulled up over her head and a bright turquoise scarf over her face. At first glance I thought she had cut eyeholes in the scarf but on closer inspection she had folded it niqab style about her forehead and the rest hung down over her nose mouth chin and neck. The bulk of the hood held it all in place.[…]

She got out her mobile phone.

“Yeah, but, yeah, nah, I can’t breath can I? I got this thing over my face naw, innit? …Nah, I see ya later … station, innit?”

It is ironic that someone un-British enough to wear a niqab is nevertheless British enough to prattle away in Estuary-English “yoof-speak”. Then again, I have often observed Muslims adopting the least attractive aspects of modern Britain, while spurning its more admirable offerings.

Read the rest below.

Rejecting Western liberty, democracy, art and free scientific enquiry, Muslims are more than willing to use Western products: mobile phones, DVDs and the internet. Often these technological innovations are used to spread an ideology directly opposed to the civilisation that made innovation possible.

My colleague’s post here about a Muslim Public Affairs Committee “training course” shows a chilling example of this. The “course” is designed to train Muslims to subvert the West and propagate a seventh century ideology. Yet it is couched in twenty-first century management speak. I have highlighted in bold the jargon which would not look out of place at a management consultants’ training course or a new-agey life coaching session:

Groundbreaking courses with modules on Strategy, Political Affairs, the Media, Islamophobia and Political Jihad will teach you how. MPACUK Training is based on practical results. You will gain an understanding of some of the most important challenges facing Muslims in Britain and the world. It will deliver successfully proven and innovative solutions to these challenges and teach you how to counter an increasingly dangerous and threatening environment.

Not English, but all too British. And what kind of music is popular with British Muslims? Purcell? Dowland? No, gangsta rap and hip hop, with its mindlessly repetitive rhythms and aggressive, deeply misogynist lyrics:

This embrace of “the Worst of British” is particularly evident in young Muslim men, who often grant themselves a great deal of licence, while restricting, even unto death, the behaviour of “their” women. Theodore Dalrymple observed a few years ago:

Many of them […] dot the city with their concubines—sluttish white working-class girls… This is not religion, but having one’s cake and eating it.[…]

Islam has no improving or inhibiting effect upon the behavior of my city’s young Muslim men, who, in astonishing numbers, have taken to heroin, a habit almost unknown among their Sikh and Hindu contemporaries. The young Muslims not only take heroin but deal in it, and have adopted all the criminality attendant on the trade. […]The young Muslims have little defense against the egotistical licentiousness they see about them and that they all too understandably take to be the summum bonum of Western life.

And what of the subjugated Muslim woman? Does she know her place, as British women once did? Is she meek and ladylike as our own women are no longer? Judge for yourself:

madeinbritain.jpg This picture, taken shortly after the Birmingham terrorist arrests, shows women whose dress is alien, but whose boorish truculence would match that of any of our home-grown “lumpen sluts.” Is this what the suffragettes fought for?Don’t mess with us, they say. We know our rights. For Britain, once home to the stiff-upper lip, now has a rights culture. And British Muslims scream “Islamophobia” if they don’t get their rights: the right to special food or clothing in schools, the right to be spared any kind of real or imagined offense, the right to a job – on their terms, however unreasonable – and above all the right to welfare payments, which they receive in disproportionately high numbers.

These demands, this sense of entitlement, should worry us far more than niqabs, gangsta rap, or even drugs. Welfare scrounging is not peculiar to Muslims, but Islam alone demands tribute from non-believers in the form of a special tax or jizya. This “right” is set out in the Koran, as part of the rules of jihad. Muslim scrounging is an act of jihad, and payment of benefits an act of dhimmitude.

British culture has been coarsened and cheapened by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. But Muslims’ rejection of our finest traditions and exploitation of our worst failings is driven by an ideology: jihad. Jihad made in Britain.

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