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Turnbull twice as popular as Nelson

Posted by Atilla89 on December 4, 2007

It should be clear to you now just who I support out of the Liberals, if you haven’t been following, it was Turnbull. Now just recently Turnbull criticised the opposition leader, Brendan Nelson to toughen up, I’m still not over that yet, I mean who wants a weak opposition leader (especially if they are in charge of your prefered party)? I think it is time for Chopper Read to sort this out and give out some advice (note, this is not school/work friendly).

Now the next thing that bugs me is that not only is Malcolm the better leader (in my opinion) but also a lot of other people believe that as well. From The Australian:

A Newspoll conducted exclusively for The Australian at the weekend also found 61 per cent of voters named Kevin Rudd as their preferred prime minister, with Dr Nelson rating only 14 per cent. The poll showed that Mr Rudd had almost as much support as prime minister among Coalition voters as Dr Nelson. The Newspoll figures emerged last night after Dr Nelson, the former defence minister, confirmed that Mr Turnbull had given him a “pep talk” moments after last Thursday’s leadership ballot, in which Dr Nelson scored a narrow victory over Mr Turnbull by 45 votes to 42.

As the Liberals and the Nationals continued to come to terms with Labor’s stunning election victory, the Newspoll – the first since polling day – found Mr Turnbull was the most favoured Liberal Party figure. Thirty-four per cent of the 1125 respondents named the millionaire former banker and environment minister as the best person to lead the Liberals. Dr Nelson scored 18 per cent. West Australian Julie Bishop, who was elected as Dr Nelson’s deputy last Thursday, scored 14per cent.

Former health minister and Howard loyalist Tony Abbott won the support of 9 per cent of respondents, while 25 per cent were undecided. Mr Abbott originally nominated for the Liberal leadership but dropped out, stressing that he would consider another leadership bid in the future. Mr Turnbull had particularly strong support among male respondents (38 per cent).

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