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Thursday: Crunch Time In Politics

Posted by Atilla89 on November 27, 2007

Thursday is crunch time for a great many people in politics. The Liberal Party will be deciding on their leader, either Turnbull, Abbott or Nelson. As, I have said before, I think it should be Turnbull mainly because he has got so much more charisma and because his political stance is more moderate (e.g. a bit more to the centre) then the other two, a stance that the Australian public seems to agree with judging by the election of Labor last Saturday.

Outgoing treasurer and deputy Liberal leader Peter Costello today announced that the meeting would be held on Thursday – the same day Labor will sign off on Kevin Rudd’s new Cabinet. Mr Turnbull is offering the most distinctive break with the past while Mr Abbott, a John Howard loyalist, is appealing to the Liberals conservative base. Dr Nelson appears to be offering a middle ground with his pitch to rediscover “fundamental Liberal values”. “What we need is the right balance between experience on the one hand and also vision, energy, commitment and a unifying effect of not only on party but on policy as we face the future,” he said today.

Former education minister Julie Bishop has put her hand up to be federal Liberal deputy leader. I am standing for the position of deputy leader, I have canvassed many of my colleagues and I’ve been urged to be part of the leadership team,” Ms Bishop said.

As well as this, the Labor Party, specifically Rudd, is going to be choosing his front bench.

Prime minister-elect Kevin Rudd said he would select his new cabinet by the time Labor’s caucus meets in Canberra on Thursday. The caucus will meet at 10am to re-affirm the leadership group and then will re-convene at 2pm to approve Mr Rudd’s frontbench.

While the Labor leader has declared he will break with tradition and select the frontbench himself, he is also signalling that many of the high-profile newcomers will have to gain some parliamentary experience before being elevated.

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