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Chaos In The Liberal Party

Posted by Atilla89 on November 26, 2007

That defeat on Saturday is worse then I feared. At this point, in both State and Federal politics, the Coalition is in the Opposition. Howard lost his own seat and nominated Costello to be his successor. However, events are moving quite quickly in the Liberal Party as Costello has now announced his resignation; at this point in time, there is now 9 MPs battling for the top job as leader for the Opposition party. Now I’ve suspected that for a time Malcolm Turnbull might become leader of the Opposition, but only after a long time. I fully expected that if or when Howard lost it would be Costello taking up the reigns with maybe Tony Abbot or some other MPs going in as treasurer or deputy. Now that Costello has resigned, Turnbull not only has a chance, he seems the most likely in my opinion, although we can’t rule out Downer and Nelson.

Here are some of the names of the candidates that are running for Opposition Leader:

  1. Malcolm Turnbull
  2. Brendan Nelson
  3. Alexander Downer
  4. Tony Abbott,
  5. Joe Hockey
  6. Julie Bishop (being mentioned as a potential deputy leader)
  7. Chris Pyne (being mentioned as a potential deputy leader)
  8. Andrew Robb

As I said earlier, I believe that Turnbull has the best chance, however:

One of Australia’s biggest bookmakers is tipping Dr Nelson to take over the leadership. Neil Evans, analyst and media chief with Centrebet, said he had been told by “a well placed and reliable Liberal party source” that Dr Nelson would be asked to take on the role. “He told me that Brendan Nelson has the numbers, fits the image best and has the safest seat of all the potential leaders,” Mr Evans said.

For me, I believe it will be down to those two, whoever gets the upper hand will get the leadership of the Opposition Party. There are a few reasons why I don’t tihnk Alexander Downer will get the top job even though he is the most senior Liberal Party member because he really doesn’t seem to know what to do, he is not decisive enough.

Mr Downer – the most senior Liberal left in the race – is considering whether to stand for opposition leader, a role he last held in 1994.I am an unknown, and that is I am an unknown even to myself as to what I will do next, I’m still working that through,” Mr Downer said at his Adelaide Hills home.

…(from a different article)

Mr Downer said he could understand Mr Costello’s “completely unexpected” decision not to seek the leadership. But Liberal colleagues were now left “wondering what to do”, he said. “I think no rash judgments at this stage,” Mr Downer said. “People are ambitious, but ambitious to be opposition leader after 11 and a half years in government, it’s not exactly a grasp for power I suspect. “It’s a time for people to reflect on what might be the wisest thing for the Liberal Party, rather than just falling over themselves with ambition.”

As for the rest:

In Victoria, Mr Robb, the former vocational and further education minister who ran the Liberals’ successful 1996 campaign, was gaining support as a potential deputy leader. But Mr Robb will probably face stiff competition from South Australia’s former ageing minister, Christopher Pyne, and Queensland’s former assistant treasurer Peter Dutton – if he holds his seat of Dickson. Mr Pyne, a supporter of Mr Costello, was promoted late by Mr Howard but has a high media profile and is young enough to wait out two terms of Opposition with ease. Former education minister Julie Bishop from Western Australia – the Coalition’s lone electoral redoubt – and former workplace relations minister Joe Hockey from Sydney are also being talked about as potential deputy leaders. But Mr Hockey has the disadvantage of having three possible leadership candidates from his home state as well as being heavily identified with the unpopular Work Choices legislation.

Your comments on the prospects of the Liberal Party are welcome.

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