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Islam, Slavery and Rape

Posted by Atilla89 on November 23, 2007

I am very curious about what other people think about these topics after reading this article. For myself, I am still unsure as to what to believe about Islam in this sense. Although there is no denying that in many Muslim countries (nearly all) women are treated much less equally then men. Now I am not 100% sure if that is because these countries are run as dictatorships and are third world countries or because the fault lies with Islam. Indeed any comments would be welcome! Here’s a little teaser below.

FP: So tell us in general where Islam stands on slavery.

Warner: Islam’s stand on slavery is based on its political principles of submission and duality. The principle of submission could not be clearer. By definition a slave is the most submissive of all people. You become a slave only when you have no more choices. A slave has completely submitted to a master.

The principle of duality is shown by the fact that Islam does not enslave Muslims, only kafirs (non-Muslims). Since only kafirs are enslaved, it assures that more of the world submits to Islam.

Islamic slavery is based on the Trilogy of the Koran, the Sira (Mohammed’s life) and the Hadith (the Traditions of Mohammed). All three texts say that slavery is permitted, ethical, desirable and a virtue. There is not one single negative word about slavery.

Slavery is seen as a process that brings kafirs to Islam. It is a virtue to free slaves, but Mohammed only freed slaves who submitted to Islam. If the kafir slave does not submit, then their children will. So given enough time, slaves convert to Islam. That is one of the reasons that Islam sees slavery as a positive.

Of course, there is another reason that Islam sees slavery as being so “good” and that is the money. Mohammed and the other jihadists made a fortune out of enslaving kafirs. Mohammed used the money for more jihad. So slavery financed the spread of Islam and jihad from the beginning.

FP: What were the ingredients of Mohammed’s own life in terms of slavery?

Warner: Mohammed is the perfect pattern for all humanity and his life was saturated in slavery. When his mother died, it was a freed slave who nursed him. His first wife owned slaves. One of his first converts was a slave. His closest friend, Abu Bakr, traded one of his black kafir slaves for a Muslim who was enslaved by a kafir.

But all of this was small change compared to his envolvement with slavery once he turned to jihad. In his first major battle at Badr, he stood by and prayed as his henchmen beat and tortured captured slaves to get information about the enemy kafirs.

Slaves made Mohammed’s pulpit. Slaves mended his cloths, cooked his food, and did every thing that a slave does for the master. He gave away slaves as gifts and received them as gifts. He went to war to kill the males so that the remaining people would surrender to be sold as slaves. Mohammed sold slaves on both the retail and wholesale markets.

He offered captured slaves their freedom if they would first agree that he was the prophet of Allah. A kafir slave then became a slave of Allah, because all Muslims are slaves of Allah. For a slave, the religion of Mohammed started and ended with slavery.

FP: Can you talk a bit about Islam and sexual slavery?

Warner: All morality in Islam is patterned after the example of Mohammed. Everything that he did and said defines what is permitted or “good”. Mohammed repeatedly sanctioned forced sex (rape) with kafir females after they were captured. The Hadith clearly reports that he got first choice of the women. In one case, he repeatedly demanded one particular woman for himself and swapped two other kafir slave women for his choice. So if Mohammed was involved in the rape of kafirs, then rape is a virtue, not a sin or error.

When Mohammed destroyed the B. Qurayza tribe, all of the adult male Jews were beheaded, so that no husbands were left. Mohammed then took the children and gave them to Muslims to raise as Muslims and he sold off the Jewish women as slaves.

We know from another story that the women were divided into sex slaves and domestic slaves. In one scene, a jihadist is trying to obtain a high ransom for a woman and he is told that her breasts are flat and her mouth is cold, so her value was less. In short, she was only good for work around the house, not in the bedroom.

The Hadith tells of another story where the Muslims used coitus interruptus to avoid impregnating the kafir sex slaves. The reason was purely for business. If the kafir sex slave was pregnant, then she was worth less money.

Islamic doctrine says that kafir women should not be used for prostitutes, only for the pleasure of the master.

When Mohammed attacked the Jews at Khaybar, many moral precedents were set. Sexual slavery received an entire set of rules. Muslims were not to rape pregnant or menstruating women until they had delivered the child or finished their periods. At Khaybar, Mohammed’s god Allah, announced that even married women were fair game for rape.

Mohammed only killed some of the Jews at Khaybar. The male and female survivors were needed to work the land as dhimmis. (The original dhimmis were semi-slaves with no civil rights. Today, dhimmis are ignorant kafirs who apologize for Islam.) Since Islam needed the men to work, husbands were left alive. That was the reason that the Koran said that in this case, even with the husbands looking on, it was good to rape the women.

Sexual slavery was not only fun and profitable for the Muslim men, but rape was a powerful tactic of war, then and today. The women are forced into submission to Muslim men and the husbands are humiliated. Humiliated men are weakened men, so more kafirs were less able to resist Islam.

For some time Mohammed’s favorite sex partner was a Christian slave from Egypt named Mary. One of Mohammed’s wives caught him in some state of intimacy with Mary in the wife’s bedroom and raised hell. Mohammed promised to not do it again and moved Mary to her own apartment in Medina.

Mohammed had received Mary and her sister as gifts. He gave her sister away to a Muslim poet. He was used to giving away sex slaves. He gave several of his top lieutenants kafir sex slaves. Umar, who later became caliph, gave his sex slave to his son. [As an aside, when he was caliph, his son got drunk and Umar beat him to death.]


20 Responses to “Islam, Slavery and Rape”

  1. anno said

    where the fuck is this idiot getting his information

  2. truth said

    The author of this page is obviously extrememly IGNORANT, for NOTHING of what he has stated is true in the religion of Islam! One should EDUCATE himself with correct sources before he tries to speak of Islam. Islam is the most MORALLY and VURTUALLY PEACEFUL religion and has nothing of that nonsense…no wonder its the FASTEST GROWING RELIGON in the WORLD!!!

  3. Anonymous said

    The author of this page is obviously extrememly IGNORANT for NOTHING of what he has stated is true in the religion of Islam! One should EDUCATE himself with correct sources before he tries to speak of Islam. Islam is the most MORALLY and VURTUALLY PEACEFUL religion and has nothing of that nonsense…no wonder its the FASTEST GROWING RELIGON in the WORLD!!!

  4. Anonymous said


    It is actually funny how stupid he is. I would not use the word ignorant. Because that would imply that he knows the truth but decides to write otherwise. I am pretty sure he knows NOTHING.

    May Allah Guide Him/Her to the straight path.

  5. dee said

    yeh this so called “author” is a pretty much DUMB and STUPID person…he really has no brains…amy Allah help him…mannn i reelly do feel for him

    i wonder if i could write a book about christianity or whatever religion he is and write whatever dumb thing comes to my head…well i would say i would be pretty crap at it coz yoo know i aint as dumb as this so called “author”…but im sure i can write shit bout his religion…bet he would love that…i bet his a jew or some anti-islamist
    well anyways im sure he aint sold one single copy of this book coz no one would listen to his childish information he has given in this book

    We as muslims get insulted every single day by other non muslims but guess what??? we aint bothered at all coz if we were then we would be sufferin and there would be less muslims every year…but look at us…yoo see us everywhere..walkin TALL and PROUD and every single day there is someone convertin into Islam…its a shame no one listens to crap like that..who someone with no knowlege and morality has written..who could be a rapist himself or some next drunken druggy man/woman….sooo yeah go and spend ur time on somethin more useful rather than being a muslim hater coz your voice is not being heard by us..yoo seem to be mute to us :]

  6. Ann said


  7. Siraj said

    The author needs to read the Qur’an and the sahih hadith of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to learn about Islam. I cant imagine where he got this crap about Islam. However, I feel that if people like him, i.e., muslim haters, exist and continue spewing hatred against Islam , then Islam is getting free publicity and atleast some of those who read his crap will try to find the truth and come to know that ISLAM is the truth. It is easy to malign, be it a person or a religion. I do agree that not all muslims are good. That does not mean that all Christians are saints. Every religion has got its fair share of people like this stupid author, who instead of spreading love and affection, spend sleepless nights trying to malign other religions. I advise him to go to a good historian to learn about the atrocities committed by Christians in the name of religion through the centuries. Hell man! HITLER was a Christian and he mercilessly killed six million jews in the name of Christian/White/Aryan supremacy, call it by whatever name you wish. Nothing or nobody can ever beat that record. What say about this Mr.Know all about religion. I further advise him to keep his mouth shut and not to open it in the name of freedom of speech. Reading his stupid article really gave me a nasty headache. May God or if you please may Allah knock some sense into his empty head.

    P.S. The picture of the old man with a young girl is good. If he adds the picture of Hugh Hefner of Playboy magazine fame with half a dozen nude models wrapped around him it might look better and might even fetch him the pulitzer.

    • poopy joe said

      I can understand where you are coming from, but your argument loses its validity when you start saying that islam is the truth. In saying that, you are saying that all others are wrong and you just got done criticizing him for saying others are wrong. Correcting this guy in saying that he should be more open to islam and looking at it as a respectable religion that could very well be right, but telling him that it is the truth is only doing the same that he was doing, shows your narrow-mindedness, and ultimately contributes nothing to this topic.

  8. Ridiculous, you all said

    OMG! You have to be joking! Islam is one of the worst religions ever. Tell me one islamic theocracy that works? That’s what happens when you mix religion with politics. For some reason you have some ridiculous rules and laws and you can’t deny those laws…intolerance and hatred. but well, it’s your culture, your country. I just hope europe has the guts to leave this intolerance out…

  9. Ridiculous, you all said

    I mean…

    Realigion of freedom?


    you made my day!

  10. Ridiculous, you all said

    Just stop being cynical for a moment… Beyond that cover of equality and justice is a desire for domain and intolerance…

  11. hamza said

    okay i grew up in a muslim country and i in a muslim family i saw and her alot of things as lebanon is mixed between christians and muslims now yes in alot of muslim countries women are below men but this is because they where never given a chance. reading this i gess u blame islam but if u look up Ibadi yes okay i know the name but it looks at the womens view of everything and its all about womens views. one thing i want you to know in the eyes of Allah if u kill 1 person its like u have killed the world so terroists are bad lol ow yes i gew up in a war zone and watched 5 of my brothes die in the name of the hezbollar (twats) so really what im trying to say in islam you have good and bad things same in every religion but its worce in islam as some dicks brain was others if u want to ask me any questions email me or add me on msn at all welcome no matter what u wish to as me.

  12. afrah said

    this is just someone tryn to spread lies and hate so people could never get along, its stupit people like that who plants lies, hate , and wrong things in people minds and hearts.

  13. Md.Sameer said

    Most of it is true. Actually, it would be wonderful if we can have some references.

  14. Anonymous said

    christ the immortal will judge islam and on the day of the second comeing the lion of judah will be king becase if islam actually followed its religin instead of corrupting it the middle east would be blest and thrive like the west but instead it has no blessing and is in the hands of war and is and will be a group of third world states at war with its brothers islam is and has been wrong

  15. Tamim said

    Why do you people judge the tradition of people or the custom of people with their religion. Who claimed any action of Christians to their religion. Why you people are judging ignorance. Please open Quran and read, then see what is inside that and who is in the right way and who is in the wrong one.

  16. najwa said

    ok this is for “ridiculous, you all’, firstly get your facts straight!!! islam is not really strong anymore, because if it was, there wouldnt be so much coruption in muslim countries. most things that are done in those countries are against our religion, or another words , ppl are abusing the religion. so dont be hating on what the public is doing, learn for you self to know what we are really about!!! it makes me soo mad when ppl believe the media or other crap thats soo not true! we are no different to other religions too. do your research dumb ass!!

  17. Ahmed said

    the references is the Quran try to read it with your language and understand well the meaning of each Aya of it , i guarantee you will believe ..

  18. calypso said

    some people just like to make up stories. never open your mouth on something if u have never ever embrace it.

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