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Latham’s Back For More Bullshit

Posted by mrprofessional on November 11, 2007

Mark Latham, a former disgraced Labor politician announced just two days ago that “nothing will change” regarding a change of government or a continuation of strong Liberal policy.

According to, Latham believes “Despite both major parties focusing on housing, rising interest rates and savings for first-home buyers, there is no crisis but just the manufactured hysteria of the political class.” This is only a direct result of the Labor scare campaigns which target housing affordability through menial strategies to short-term solutions. Prices cannot be controlled as we live in a free market economy, and to attempt to would bring serious economic consequences.

The only basis this simple viewpoint can come down to is the belief that the “me to” strategy, employed by the inexperienced Labor team with regards to tax cuts and many other fiscal areas, has resulted in Latham’s indifference as to who will win the election this year. This however, is untrue as policies which have been blatantly copied, cannot be monitored and controlled as well as those who created the policies who are aware of the social, political and most importantly economic effects that these policies bare.

Latham states “If people vote for a change in government on November 24 they will be replacing one conservative administration with another.” This is one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve ever read. Kevin Rudd’s so called “economic conservatism”, is a joke, most evidently made through his huge spending plans which would result in a budget deficit, typical of a Labor government and upward pressure on interest rates. (which is also typical of a Labor government) Labor are clearly left-wing representing the uneducated and working class, and are hardly the conservatives their opposition are.

Mr Professional

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