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Just For Fun: Al Jazeera Cursing Match

Posted by Atilla89 on November 11, 2007

Funny video that I found on LGF where two Arab commentators, one a Sheik and the other a liberal author, who is from Syria (I think) are debating on the issue of Islam and Western culture. It basically ends up into a funny insulting match. Unfortunately I can’t post the actual video as it does not exist in a YouTube or Google Video format but if you click on the LGF link you should get to it. The video is also available on MEMRI.

I especially found lines like this (from the liberal author) to be especially funny “How did you come here from Egypt in 2 hours? On camels it used to take you over 6 months to make the pilgrimage.” Unfortunately they liberal guy doesn’t know his facts that well otherwise he would be able to rip into the Sheik with his lies about casualties in Iraq and whatnot. However towards the end it does get rather funny


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