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Labor’s “Fresh Ideas”

Posted by mrprofessional on October 25, 2007

The shadow treasurer minister, Wayne Swan, remarks that Labor will “keep the Budget in surplus on average over the economic cycle and will maintain the independence of the Reserve Bank”

Firstly, Labor plans to spend fortunes investing in hospitals, education and offering numerous rebates and tax cuts with more spending to come, yet still confidently reassures the Australian public that the budget will stay in surplus as the Howard government has achieved for many years. Interesting… considering Labor has been prone to budget deficits for decades due to their spending bonanzas.

Secondly, maintaining independence from the RBA (Reserve Bank) is a legal requirement, which makes his second point a worthless statement.

“The good news is, Labor has a comprehensive plan to increase the productive capacity of the economy. It is only through increasing the efficiency and responsiveness of the economy that we can halt inflationary pressures that trigger interest rate hikes. And that’s good news for everyone.” WorkChoices, was introduced by the Liberals due the know effects of Labour Market Reform (increasing the productive capacity and efficiency of the Australian economy). By reneging on this piece of legislation, Labor would be effectively doing the complete opposite of everything it pledges to do. In fact, to scrap WorkChoices may ultimately lead to higher inflationary pressures due to the influence of higher wage demands and a less efficient economy, causing upward pressures on interest rates. And that’s bad news for everyone. Expect more posts on virtually every void quote from the Kevin07 website which claims that we would be better off, economically, under a Labor Government.

Mr Professional

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