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Heroes Nathan Petrelli Theories

Posted by shkoles on October 20, 2007

Recently i was watching a little bit of season 2 episode 1 and I noticed something that had not come to my attention before. And that is when I realsied….could Nathan Petrelli be the one who killed Kaito Nakamura and is threatening the previous generation of heroes???????


Here are several reasons which raised this suspicion, in my opinion their is definitly enough facts here to raise a few eyebrows!!
Nathan bumbed into Ando right before he met with Kaito Nakamura, he could have easily slipped the picture into the newspaper.
Angela should have noticed her picture on the wall when she was entering Peter’s apartment but she didnt. Nathan then arrived in a drunken state and described her as being “evil” and then asked her to leave. She then left the apartment and only then discovered her picture stuck to the wall. The only logical explanation for this is Nathan mustve pinned it to the wall before he entered Peters apartment.
– When Kaito Nakamura was tackled off the building there was only one pool of blood (even claire bleeds when she is hurt) so it would lead one to believe that the killer flew away, a power which Nathan just so happens to posess.

The fact that Nathan is constantly having images of himself as being severely burnt could be implying that Nathans “dark side” is surfacing or taking over…dont be afraid to post your opinions on the matter!!!STAY TUNED UPDATES…



4 Responses to “Heroes Nathan Petrelli Theories”

  1. hiro-nakamura said

    hey shkoles, your theory on nathan seems pretty logical we will just have to wait and see wont we!! your stuff is awesome
    …keep it up!!!

  2. Tone to the bone said

    He was also at Maury Parkman’s house when the next piece (Bob’s face) of the photo was desovered. It’s him I tell ya.

  3. jake said

    ok Nimrods first Angela petrelli was the killer because she said that it had to be done. and the news didn’t surprise her. This means she is still in contacts with the company. AND she is wearing the same clothes the assassin was. She also knew where they were going.

  4. G said

    I think it’s Peter from the future back to correct something that is gone wrong in the future…

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