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Heroes “Fight or Flight” hints for new character Elle

Posted by shkoles on October 19, 2007

Heroes newest cast member Kristen Bell who will be playing the character of “elle” on the series has revealed some insights into her character and what her purpose is on the show. These hints are very intriguing but do not reveal anything major so do not be afraid to continue to read.


Hints into Kristen Bell’s character
– Kristen Bell described her as “a little bit off” with very duplicitous motives, which she relishes. Elle has a lot of information about Peter’s past, though Bell was reluctant to say more without Tim Kring’s approval. He chimed in, stating simply that she is looking for Peter and it’s a good bet that she finds him.

– Her character has also been described to be “a little messed up in the head” and her relationship with several charcters are closer than most people would think, specifically refering to Claire and Noah Bennet whom her character has a deeper relationship with than people think.

– Bell also revealed that her character wwas brought up by “the company” and that was the interesting thing for her. What really makes it interesting is that she has grown up with an awareness of her power from birth unlike the other heroes who discovered it on their own, and it is because of this her “moral compass” is really stuffed up and she cant really differ between good and evil.

– The next episode is a bit of a “tease” because of certain events which occur, and the fact she will not be in the 2 after but rest assured “Elle” will return in episode 8 for a series of episodes!! The questions you have to ask is, how will she affect our heroes and what is her real connection to Claire and HRG (possibly a relation).
– So there you have it, its not much but its enough to keep fans on their feet till the episode premieres on Monday NBC in USA and Australia EST Thursday 9:30!


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  1. kraz said

    good work shkoles……..your hot……sup atilla……i want more, im actually really enjoyin reading this stuff shkoles good on ya mate

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