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Heroes “Fight or Flight” sneak preview

Posted by shkoles on October 18, 2007

Somehow, someway, I was able to find this very insightful sneak preview for the upcoming heroes episode “Fight or Flight”. Many of our questions will be answered…..Who is the killer, who is the man “worse than Sylar” and what really happened to Peter in between the events at Kirby Plaza and now, how he mysteriously turned up in a crate, how did he really lose his memory? There is also the matter of Matt’s father and what his purpose within the show… The first clip is a sneak preview into the episode….and the second, an insight look into the REAL killer.

– Could the Haitian be behind Peters memory loss?
– Does Nathan Know more than He is telling?
– Will Noah Bennett be killed?

In regards to the Haitian I believe it to be possible that he was somehow involved in the larger scheme of things, that would explain Peters memory loss and how he acquired the Necklace with the Godsend symbol which was worn by the Haitian in season 1. Nathan Could be more involved in the killings than is shown, he has the motive of avenging his brothers supposed death and to bring vengeance upon those who he believes caused his death. Issac and the others prevented the bomb from going off and because of this I do NOT think Noah Bennett aka HRG will be killed off, in my opinion he will live to fight another day! I could be right, I could be wrong, Watch heroes on NBC Monday nights or 7 network to find out the answers u seek…..and more.



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