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Heroes Season 2 Previews/Theories

Posted by shkoles on October 17, 2007

Hey guys, Im the recently appointed editor of “The Home of Atilla” the greatest blog on the net! Anyway down to business, i have a theory that Takezo Kensei of the NBC show “Heroes” is the killer who is killing off the original founders of “The Company”. There are several reasons for this the most obvious being the striking resemblence they share.


Takezo was said to have been born in 1584 as discovered in the episode “Godsend”. If this is true and Hiro teleported back to 1671 then that would make Takezo 87 years old, judging from his appearance this is clearly not the case. The reason I have mentioned this is becasue Takezo has been shown as having the ability of rapid cell regeneration the same as Claire. The question is, does this ability extend to aging, and would that make him near-immortal? If this is the case then he very well could be the hooded figure which is picking off the “old generation of heroes” one by one! Please feel free to post any ideas you may have on the subject.

Here are 2 diffrent sneak previews on Next week’s episode, “Fight or Flight”!!! Enjoy shkoles


4 Responses to “Heroes Season 2 Previews/Theories”

  1. hiro-nakamura said

    great theory, u might be on to something here….keep up the great work!

  2. Michael said

    Nice theory, i do beleive that Takezo will paly a major role to come and is likely immortal as you say, therefore alive in the present too. However look at the picture of the guy who attacked heroes Dad, his chin has an obvious cleft, while Takezo doesnt.

    I think that Hiro will take over from the legend of Takezo, and sort of become him in that time line, he could just keep wearing the armour.

  3. Juice420 said

    Here is what I think. I DO think that Takezo is the hooded guy picking off the parents, which would explain both the use of the symbol and the assasins ablity to survive the fall (either that or it is Nathan… who would have ample reason to kill off the “breeders” and he could fly away…) The only think that I am unclear on is my thought that the killer knows the people he is killing. Wouldn’t Sulu have known that Takezo was a fake and if so why would he have told his son Hiro the stories? Unless of course he knew that Hiro was to become Kensai… but then again… Takezo would have known that Nakamura was Hiro’s father… anyway… lots of good stuff this season, I can’t wait to find out the motives etc.

  4. Juice420 said

    P.S. Takezo wouldn’t need to be immortal… maybe Hiro teleported him to the future because of the fued that started with “the Kiss”

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