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Al Gore lied, People died – More Democrat Hypocrisy

Posted by Atilla89 on October 5, 2007

Before the legend that he was today, before the An Inconvenient Truth, before the Goracle, we had the raving right-wing nut job, Al Gore. Yes folks, here’s a 1992 Al Gore speech rescued from the memory hole, in which he blasts George H. W. Bush for ignoring Saddam Hussein’s connections to terrorism and his quest for weapons of mass destruction. This speech should make it very clear for people that the currant U.S. Democrat position is such a sick minded grab for power, which, strangely enough has worked. What’s even more funny was one of my previous posts in which as Vice President, he was part of an administration that failed to respond to the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993; that cut and ran when al-Qaeda ambushed US Army Rangers in Mogadishu; that called for regime change in Iraq when Saddam expelled the UN weapons inspectors but then failed to remove Saddam or to get him to allow the UN inspectors back in; that failed to respond to the murder of US troops in Saudi Arabia or the attack on an American warship in Yemen; that reacted to the blowing up two US embassies in Africa by firing missiles at an aspirin factory in the Sudan and empty tents in Afghanistan; that refused to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden when it had a dozen chances to do so; and that did not put in place simple airport security measures, its own task force recommended, that would have prevented 9/11. You can check out the rest of that post here. Video courtesy of LGF.

I particularly like this comment by ‘timkaufman’ -“The ability to flip/flop an issue on Gore’s part is astounding. What a hypocrite! Worse, this proves he’s willing to lie and deny the national interest today- regardless of his past positions- to bash Bush. Hypocrisy rules in the Democrat party!”


2 Responses to “Al Gore lied, People died – More Democrat Hypocrisy”

  1. soldierer said

    Atilla Chief, Gore took Poppy Bush to the woodshed in this video for all the games (like this,eg) played by the Reagan-Poppy administration in the region which actually led to the growth of terrorism around the world and paved way all the nonsense that Clinton and Gore faced.

    It also is the caese that 1992 AD is not the same year as 2002 AD. Saddam lost all his mojo during those 10 years. Therefore he was no longer any real threat to anyone. That’s the point.

  2. Atilla89 said

    Yet the funny thing is, he Gore never actually followed through when he had the chance, and now when the time came to take down Saddam, Gore was against it! And BTW, you should read the post that I linked to in my blog in which I explain that it was actually the fault of Clinton and not the Reagan/Bush administrations which were at fault for 9/11.

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