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Heroes “Out Of Time” Preview

Posted by shkoles on October 31, 2007

Here is the official description for season 2 episode 7 “Out Of Time” for Heroes!


WHILE SEVERAL HEROES FACE OFF AGAINST THE “NIGHTMARE MAN”, PETER LEARNS JUST HOW DEADLY THE VIRUS CAN BE— When one of his forgotten abilities suddenly manifests, Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and Caitlin (Katie Carr) get thrown into a crisis situation, and learn first-hand just how deadly the mysterious virus striking people with abilities can be. Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy), Matt (Greg Grunberg), Nathan (Adrian Pasdar), Niki (Ali Larter) and Bob (guest star Stephen Tobolowsky) band together to fend off the “nightmare man’s” attack. When West (Nick D’Agosto) drops by the house, Claire (Hayden Panettiere) attempts to hide family photos that reveal the man who kidnapped him as a child is her father (Jack Coleman). Meanwhile, in feudal Japan, Hiro (Masi Oka) and Kensei’s (David Anders) legendary journey takes a dramatic, final turn.

– Expect the return of Kristen Bell this episode!!
Kensei finally turns evil?!?!?! Kensei has already betrayed Hiro, Yaeko and her father to WhiteBeard….Will he change or will he set in motion a path of destruction which will have horrible repercussions in the future?..
– Peter has teleported into the future and will discover the effect the deadly virus has had on the entire world.

Here are 2 previews of next week’s episode of heroes “Out Of Time”!!

Tune in next week on NBC, Monday nights and on the 7 Network in Australia on Thursday nights (are an episode behind)!!


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Best Paint Ball shot of 2007

Posted by Atilla89 on October 30, 2007

For all of those who have done Paint ball, and I know a fair few who have, only you would understand the amount of pain that this guy is in. And also how brilliant this shot is. Hat tip from Tim Blair. All I have to say is BOOM HEADSHOT!

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Australia risks ‘London-type bombing’

Posted by Atilla89 on October 29, 2007

Let me say first that generally the Muslims in Australia are good. They are a fine minority (I’m generalising here) who bring great attributes to Australia. Like all minorities, it is hard to get used to another country, of course Muslims are not native to Australia, most came from the Middle East, specifically Lebanon during the Civil War. However when an article such as this, appears in a mainstream paper like The Australian, I start to get worried.

Fadi Rahman, who runs one of Sydney’s biggest youth centres at Lidcombe in the city’s west, said overseas Islamic elements were attempting to radicalise Muslim youth with their hardline ideologies.

But in a warning that will resonate with Australian authorities, Mr Rahman said Muslims did not trust ASIO or the Australian Federal Police and that the bungled terror case against Gold Coast doctor Mohamed Haneef had worsened the situation. “The biggest problem ASIO and the federal police have is that no one in the Islamic community trusts them enough to give them a heads-up about anything,” Mr Rahman told The Australian.

Frankly, in my view that sort of statement seems to suggest some sort of fifth-column sentiment within the Muslim Community of Australia. I mean, come on, we should be Australians first, is something is threatening Australia, it is threatening everyone in Australia. Put it this way, I am Jewish and if I knew of a plot by another Jew to kill innocent people, I would go to the authorities, no hesitation at all (and don’t forget just how close knit the Australian Jewish Community is).

“Look at the Haneef thing – why would we trust these guys when all you see is one fumble after another? People are afraid.”

People should be a lot more afraid of a terrorist attack occurring. Personally I’m glad that the Police arrested Haneef, not because I am a racist or anything like that, I am glad because they decided to use caution and arrest the person rather then wait for a possible terrorist attack.

“We haven’t learnt our lesson post-September 11, the Bali bombings, the Cronulla riots and the London bombings. There’s deep-seated hatred on both sides. When young Muslims go into other areas they go in with force.

I don’t know about anybody else, but to me that sounds like a threat. As in, wherever we go, look at because we’re tough and blah blah, you get the gist of what I am saying.

“I cop it from both ends – who do you please? Do you please your own community or the wider community? A lot of them are saying don’t waste your time, you will never get anywhere with these people.”

Mr Rahman said one of the biggest problems in the Lebanese community was that many of his generation, although they loved their parents, felt caught between two worlds.

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Syrian Nuclear Reactor Disappears

Posted by Atilla89 on October 27, 2007

Here’s the official picture of the nuclear reactor in Syria, before and after it was hit by the Israeli strike. I personally think that it is concealed by a ‘borrowed’ Romulan cloaking device. Now you see it, haha, Now you don’t! Hat tip to LGF.


US experts claimed that the speed with which Syria hurried to clear up any rubble remaining after the alleged strike was indicative of its will to get rid of incriminating evidence. A senior intelligence official said the evacuation of debris was not a pre-planned clearing up, which usually lasts up to a year. It was “amazing” that the Syrians made such efforts to make evidence “vanish” so quickly, the official said.

David Albright, President of the Institute for Science and International Security, said the building’s disappearance was troubling. It seems Syria is trying to hide something, Albright said, but “it will not work. [They] will have to produce answers on what happened there.”

Now to leave you with a little treat, here’s what happens when you piss off the Canadians, result: mass ownage.

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Heroes – “The line” spoilers

Posted by shkoles on October 26, 2007


Here are some subtle spoilers to what lies ahead in upcoming episodes of heroes!!

Looks like Alejandro and Sylar aren’t very good carpool buddies. Too bad poor Alejandro doesn’t know who he’s messing with, because Sylar makes his intentions for the Wonder Twins known in the next episode. Let’s just say both Alejandro and Maya have it coming to them. But they will each get a very different form of “it.” And I’m completely speaking jibberish now, aren’t I? Still, see if you can figure out what I’m talkin’ ’bout in the Comments section below. And, oh, what the hey, I’ll tell you a smidge more…..

Get Ready for Mylar
: Yep, you heard me.

Claire-Bear Is Back: Claire comes back front and center in the next episode, in which creepy West continues his creepy ways in “helping” her get on the cheerleading squad. Am I the only one who can’t stand that guy? Where is Sylar when you need him?!?!?!

Isaac’s Legacy Lives On: In the next ep, HRG will discover paintings that show six upcoming shockers that involve Niki, Claire, Hiro, Suresh, a mystery person and Peter. One involves a murder and another involves a body bag.
Here’s a RARE 3 minutes preview of the episode, with three clips:

  1. Sureshfaces a serious dilemma with The Company
  2. West convinces Claire to teach the head cheerleader a lesson for not accepting her on the squad
  3. H.R.G. pays his Russian mentor a visit


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Labor’s “Fresh Ideas”

Posted by mrprofessional on October 25, 2007

The shadow treasurer minister, Wayne Swan, remarks that Labor will “keep the Budget in surplus on average over the economic cycle and will maintain the independence of the Reserve Bank”

Firstly, Labor plans to spend fortunes investing in hospitals, education and offering numerous rebates and tax cuts with more spending to come, yet still confidently reassures the Australian public that the budget will stay in surplus as the Howard government has achieved for many years. Interesting… considering Labor has been prone to budget deficits for decades due to their spending bonanzas.

Secondly, maintaining independence from the RBA (Reserve Bank) is a legal requirement, which makes his second point a worthless statement.

“The good news is, Labor has a comprehensive plan to increase the productive capacity of the economy. It is only through increasing the efficiency and responsiveness of the economy that we can halt inflationary pressures that trigger interest rate hikes. And that’s good news for everyone.” WorkChoices, was introduced by the Liberals due the know effects of Labour Market Reform (increasing the productive capacity and efficiency of the Australian economy). By reneging on this piece of legislation, Labor would be effectively doing the complete opposite of everything it pledges to do. In fact, to scrap WorkChoices may ultimately lead to higher inflationary pressures due to the influence of higher wage demands and a less efficient economy, causing upward pressures on interest rates. And that’s bad news for everyone. Expect more posts on virtually every void quote from the Kevin07 website which claims that we would be better off, economically, under a Labor Government.

Mr Professional

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Double Post: Satellite uncovers Syrian nuke site and Israel does not = Apartheid Africa

Posted by Atilla89 on October 25, 2007

Firstly, it has now been confirmed, relatively, that the target that Israel hit last month was actually a nuke site. This is a good thing as the toothless IAEA director Mohamed ElBaradei would not have done anything. Read it here but there are a few key quotes that I want to discuss. First,

In an interview published yesterday, IAEA director Mohamed ElBaradei expressed anger at the Syrians, Israelis and foreign intelligence agencies for not providing information about a suspected nuclear program.

The problem with giving this information to the IAEA, is that they would do nothing, look at Iran for example. Honestly what did they expect?

Dr ElBaradei told Le Monde an air strike could endanger the agency’s efforts to contain nuclear proliferation. “When the Israelis destroyed Saddam Hussein’s research nuclear reactor in 1981, the consequence was that Saddam Hussein pursued his program secretly,” he said.

And the U.S. invaded his country and know there is no secret nuclear weapons anymore…

“He began to establish a huge military nuclear program underground. The use of force can set things back, but it does not deal with the roots of the problem.”

I beg to differ, 2nd Gulf War anyone?

The next part of this post is going to deal with accusations that Israel is the new Apartheid South Africa of the 21st century. This is blatantly false, I think I may have even post a video somewhere on this blog to show how wrong that is. Anyway, I suggest reading this to get the full story. Now here is the link to the full article but the article can also be seen below the more button below. Read the rest of this entry »

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Heroes “The Line” rare preview

Posted by shkoles on October 24, 2007


Here is a rare preview into the next episode of Heroes “The Line” which is looking to be like the best episode of season 2, so enjoy this rare sneak peak!

AT SCHOOL, WEST CONVINCES CLAIRE TO TEACH A BULLYING CHEERLEADER A LESSON — West (Nick D’Agosto) convinces Claire (Hayden Panettiere) to teach head cheerleader Debbie (guest star Dianna Agron) a lesson after she deems Claire too ordinary to join the squad. While Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) faces a serious moral dilemma with the Company, H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) pays his Russian mentor a visit in an effort to locate Isaac’s last prophetic paintings. Meanwhile, nearing the U.S. border, Alejandro (Shalim Ortiz) becomes increasingly uneasy about Sylar’s (Zachary Quinto) intentions, especially towards Maya (Dania Ramirez) . Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and Caitlin’s (Katie Carr) search for a mysterious doorway he painted ultimately leads them to a surprising place. In feudal Japan, while attempting to repair history, Hiro (Masi Oka) struggles with his feelings for Kensei’s (David Anders) ‘princess’ Yaeko (guest star Eriko Tamura).

Peter finally confronts his past!
Kensei turning evil???
Will Sylar get his powers back??!
Will Noah bennet aka HRG find Issacs paintings and what sacrifices will he have to make?

Find out on the next episode of Heroes airing on NBC Monday nights and on the 7 network thursday nights!

Here is a sneek peak into next weeks episode ENJOY!


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Jerusalem source: Israel views plot against PM with utmost severity

Posted by Atilla89 on October 22, 2007

Straight from haaretz in which there was a plot to take Olmert’s life, though I don’t understand why, he is all but submitting to the Palestinian claims and giving them a better deal (or a deal for that matter) that they do not deserve.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s convoy entering Jericho on August 6. (AP)

Israel views the plot by Palestinian militants to kill Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and especially the fact that the potential assailants were released after their initial arrests, with utmost severity, a senior political source in Jerusalem said Sunday.

So Olmert, do you think that may have been a bad idea releasing terrorists for absolutely nothing?

The source added that the Prime Minister’s Bureau has submitted a harsh protest to Abbas’ office, and Israel expects the PA to take action on the matter.

That is one of the most laughable things I have ever heard, when has the PA done anything good for Israel let alone investigate one of its own?

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Nobel Peace Prize 2007 – Al Gore & IPCC RANT

Posted by Atilla89 on October 22, 2007

As you may have heard it was Al Gore along with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) who got the Nobel Peace Prize. Now, I always thought that the peace prize would go to someone “…who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.” How does working towards the recognition of Global Warming have anything to do with the reduction of standing armies or promoting peace congresses? I mean if anything the people who deserve this the most in my opinion, without second thought, is the Coalition Forces in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Those are the real people who are working towards peace and building a democracy in those shambles of a country. Those are the people who are routinely routing out terrorists and either killing them or bringing them to justice (which in my opinion to good for them anyway). I mean, many other people in the world have worked much harder for peace. In my opinion the award shouldn’t go to a Swiss Organisation that has nothing to do with nor to an idiot of a former Vice President who released a film/documentary containing 9 errors. Anyway that was my rant for the day. Now to leave you with some funny commentary from Iowahawk and The People’s Cube.

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