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Biography paints poster boy Che as cold-blooded killer and new Che shirts!

Posted by Atilla89 on September 17, 2007

Another one from The Australian, this time its about a biography that actually paints the right picture of Che (in my opinion at least), who was a mass murderer and executed people who did not agree on his outlook to the world. But before I go into the article, first one of my friends is making customized T-shirts for a mere $20(AU), I’ve decided I want simply because I am to lazy to make one for myself. Here are the designs which I wanted (Castro is on the front and Che is on the back). You can ask for this person’s email if you want one yourselves through the comment section.

The designs:

62441_799383_big.gif che46666_521684_big.gif


A revisionist biography has highlighted Guevara’s involvement in countless executions of “traitors” and counter-revolutionary “worms”, offering a new glimpse of the dark side of the guerilla fighter who helped Fidel Castro seize power in Cuba.

“Attacking an almost legendary figure is not an easy task,” said Jacobo Machover, author of The Hidden Face of Che. “He has so many defenders. They have forged the cult of an untouchable hero.”

The Argentine-born Guevara has become ever more fashionable, his pre-revolutionary adventures as a medical student dramatised to great acclaim in the film The Motorcycle Diaries and his bearded visage an icon of chic on T-shirts and even bikinis.

Machover, a Cuban exiled in France since 1963, blames the hero-worship on French intellectuals who flocked to Havana in the 1960s and fell under the charm of the only “comandante” who could speak their language.

They turned a blind eye to anything that did not fit in with their idealised image of Guevara. A prolific diarist, Guevara wrote vividly of his role as an executioner.

In one passage, he described the execution of Eutimio Guerra, a peasant and army guide. “I fired a .32-calibre bullet into the right hemisphere of his brain, which came out through his left temple,” was Guevara’s clinical description of the killing. “He moaned for a few moments, then died.”

“I carried out a very summary inquiry and then the peasant Aristidio was executed,” he wrote about another killing. “It is not possible to tolerate even the suspicion of treason.”

Guevara found particularly “interesting” the case of one of his victims, a man who, just before being executed, penned a letter to his mother in which he acknowledged “the justice of the punishment that was being dealt out to him” and asked her “to be faithful to the revolution”.


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