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Sudanese Islamic Leaders Threaten U.S.: Don’t Send Forces to Darfur; Sudan is the Most Beautiful Place in Which Our Sheikh, Bin Laden, Can Operate

Posted by Atilla89 on September 10, 2007

First let me say that Arabs are great talkers. Most of them talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. Now this is straight from MEMRI and you can view the clip here. The following are excerpts from Islamic leaders’ conference in Sudan, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on July 3, 2007. I am not going to post the whole transcript, only the interesting parts. Basically the gist of it goes, America is bad, everything is a Zionist plot, we will kill all invaders – even those that are trying to help us. Don’t forget these are the same Islamic leaders that support the Islamic Arabs killing the Africans in the region.

Muhammad Ahmad Hajj Ahmad, Commander of the Popular Defense Forces: “Even though we are opposed to the killing of any human being in Darfur, when they are the ones talking about this, we will not accept it under any circumstance. If it is the Americans and the British who adopt this case – we will never accept it.”

So basically the killings only exists when the Islamic leaders say it does, and they deny it. But when the U.S. or Britain or any other country world says this, it doesn’t exist. Ok…moving on.

Abd Al-Jalil Muhammad, international expert: “Why Darfur? Darfur is situated on top of the largest fresh-water reservoir in Africa and the world. The next war will be a war over water, and Israel cannot engage in war with the countries in which the Nile originates or flows. To compensate for this, Israel wants to control Darfur, thus gaining control of this fresh water.”

Even if Israel needed the water in Darfur, how in the hell could Israel transport this water across to Israel? Egypt is in the way and would never allow that (which Arab country would?). To transport it by air is just not cost effective, Israel is not desperate for water, they have desalination plants.

“These [foreign] forces will back up the Hebrew forces, which will take over the Nile in order to expand their country. The Torah says: ‘Wherever you park your horse caravans, that will be your land.’ This means power. For Israel, land is not a geographical or political entity – it is power.”

If Israel wanted to expand their power why did the give back the Sinai, Gaza and a heap of the West Bank (areas are controlled by the PA). Also, even the Biblical land of Israel didn’t extend that far to Darfur, so they are wrong on both accounts.

Sudanese Islamic leader: “The Nifasha agreements and all these disasters, with their clear deceptions and great and deviant evils – the Zionist Satan is behind all this, whether he speaks English, Norwegian, or Italian.”

What about Hebrew?

Another Sudanese Islamic leader:

“Sudan has mountains and plains. It is the most beautiful place in which our sheikh, bin Laden, can operate.”


“Allah Akbar.

“Allah Akbar.

“Let’s use [bin Laden] to scare them. By Allah, they are terrified of him. Aren’t they terrified of him? He is destroying them. He was here once – let’s bring him again. He will come.”

Not if he is stuck between Afghanistan and Pakistan..?


“They have a tank called Abrams. By Allah, we have a remedy for this tank, which will make it melt. The tank will melt. Allah Akbar.”

Is this another Global Warming theory…

“Those scumbags want to play with us? They want to come to the children of Darfur? The children of Darfur will eat them alive. By Allah, there are some ferocious tribes there. They call them Janjaweed, and they want to attack them. There is a tribe called ‘Al-Masiriya.’ Are they men or not? By Allah, when we ride horses and make these battle cries… By Allah, the infidels die of fear. They die of fear.”

Tank, F-22, M-16 vs. Horse and Battle Cries – I think we know who is going to lose here…

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