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Osama Bin Laden’s Video Message to the American People

Posted by Atilla89 on September 10, 2007

This is from MEMRI and this post will basically consist of me bagging out the Democracts, enjoy!

On September 8, 2007 the Islamist forum, hosted by Layered Technologies, Inc. in Texas, USA, posted a video message from Osama bin Laden to the American people titled “The Solution.” The following are excerpts.

Bin Laden opens his message by discussing the effect of the 9/11 attacks, which, he claims, “further harmed America’s reputation and its prestige worldwide…” He goes on to characterize U.S. policies throughout history, and more recently in Iraq, as morally reprehensible. For example, he presents Bush’s claim that the U.S. is “cooperating with Al-Maliki’s government in order to spread freedom in Iraq” as an attempt to cover up Bush’s “true intentions,” which are “to work with leaders of one sect in Iraq against another sect” in hope that this will turn the war in his favor, while in fact this policy has precipitated a civil war “which [Bush] can no longer control.”

So according to bin Laden, Bush wants to kill Americans just so he can kill Arabs and waste money trying to rebuilt their society, riiiight…

Thus, bin Laden claims that while the U.S. “proclaim[ed] the slogans of justice, freedom, equality, and humaneness,” in reality its policies yielded “fear, destruction, killing, famine, illness, and vagrancy.” As a result of this war, he continues, “there are more than one million orphans in Baghdad alone, and hundreds of thousands of widows… The American’s [own] statistics… [reveal] that more than 650,000 people have been killed in Iraq as a result of the war and its consequences.”

Well its really more like groups such as yours bin Laden which have been doing most of the killing of innocents. Oh yes and we can’t rule out Iran supplying the Shiite groups either.

Bin Laden then points out that the Democrats have so far failed to stop the war in Iraq, despite winning the congressional elections.

Ok, this is where it gets interesting. Here we have bin Laden urging the Democrats to cut and run and berating them for failing to do so. Doesn’t this make you think ‘Gee, if bin Laden is against me and wants me to do something like run from the war, maybe I shouldn’t do it because its going to turn out BAD for me?’ I seriously can’t believe anyone could vote for the Democrats after watching bin Laden’s video. The Republicans NEED to capitalise on this fact at the very least.

He interprets this as an indication that wealthy individuals still dominate policy decisions, and says to the Americans, “Now that your representatives in the Democratic party failed to fulfill your desire to stop the war, you can keep marching in the streets of big [U.S.] cities holding up anti-war signs,” but this will be to no avail.

Bin Laden then adds that “there are [nevertheless] two [ways] to bring [the war] to an end. The first… is for us to continue killing and fighting you with ever increasing intensity [until we defeat you]… The second is… [for you] to liberate yourselves from the deception and restrictions… inflicted upon you by the capitalistic system… in the same way you liberated yourselves from the monks and kings that once enslaved you, and from feudalism.”

Is this not similar to Soviet propaganda? Liberate yourselves from the evil businessmen and rise up and accept Communism? However read on and replace Communism with Islam (not that I have anything against Islam!).

The goal of the capitalist system, he warns, is to turn the entire world into a fief controlled by large corporations…”

As an alternative to the capitalist system, bin Laden offers Islam.

Am I right?

He calls upon the Americans to embrace Islam, saying: “The biggest and most irreversible error one can commit in this world is to die without surrendering oneself to Allah, namely, to die without embracing Islam.” He warns that, once the owners of the major corporations realize that the Americans people have lost confidence in the democratic system and have started searching for an alternative, i.e., Islam,

Forget democracy when you can embrace the theocratic way of the Middle-East controlled by religious nut cases. Did I mention that most of the Middle-East is under a dictatorship?

“they will run after you to please you and fulfill your every desire, in order to turn you away from Islam.” He therefore advices the Americans not to waver in their pursuit of Islam, since the benefits they will receive by embracing it are numerous, including a significant reduction in taxes, since Islam does not impose taxes beyond the mandatory 2.5% Zakat (i.e., alms) tax.

To sum up bin Ladens’ argument for Islam, no taxes, other religions = bad, no democracy and you get to kill the infidel, yay!

Seriously though, what are your thoughts on bin Ladens’ latest message, anyone think he is dead, or alive for that matter?

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