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Former U.S. Senator James Abourezk on Hizbullah TV: The Arabs Involved in 9/11 Were Cooperating with the Zionists

Posted by Atilla89 on September 10, 2007

This is laughable, I can’t believe there is a U.S. senator, former or otherwise that could believe this crap; obviously there. May I present James Abourezk, Zionist conspiracy theorist, former Senator, and out right terrorist sympathiser. From MEMRI. To view the clip from MEMRI, click here.

The following are excerpts from an interview with former U.S. senator James Abourezk (D-SD), which aired on Al-Manar TV on August 30, 2007.

Interviewer: “You also called Hizbullah and Hamas ‘resistance fighters.'”

James Abourezk: “They are.”

Interviewer: “While the U.S. administration brands them as ‘terrorist organizations’…”

James Abourezk: “That was done at the request of Israel. That name was done at the request of Israel – that the United States calls them terrorist organizations.”

To be completely honest here, it was Hezbollah that committed terrorist attacks such as the April 1983 U.S. Embassy bombing in which 63 people were killed and the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing in which 241 American military personnel were killed – that was why they were listed as a terrorist organisation.

 Interviewer: “Here I need to ask you something, which is growing and escalating in the Western world, and particularly in the U.S., which is this immense wave of anti-Arab, anti-Muslim sentiment, lumping all Arabs together as ‘terrorists.’ This was clearly manifested in movies and TV series, like 24. Why? Why now? Is it just after 9/11?”

Not the dreaded 24! To this I say get over it, its a television show, normal people can recognise action drama when they see it. It’s the same with the movie 300 (which the Iranians claimed was a Zionist plot – no joke).

James Abourezk: “No, it’s after the Soviet Union collapsed. The Zionists were looking around for another enemy to have, because to them the Soviet Union was an enemy because they wouldn’t allow Jewish emigration. So they used that as an organizing tool, basically, and when the Soviet Union collapsed, there was no more organizing about the Soviet Union. So they looked around, and they said: Well, the Muslims. Let’s find the Arabs and the Muslims, and make them the boogeyman. And that’s what they did.”

Yes that’s right folks, all we Zionists want to do is fight and kill and make enemies; like we don’t have enough of those already… Now for some weird 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Interviewer: “But why did this sentiment of hatred increase after 9/11?”

James Abourezk: “Well, because the Arabs who were involved in 9/11 cooperated with the Zionists, actually. It was a cooperation. They gave them the perfect excuse to denounce all Arabs. It’s a racist sort of thing, really racist – you know, picking out these 19 or 20 terrorists – they were terrorists – and saying all the Arabs are like them. So, you know, people in America don’t really look at it that deeply, and they accept what the government and the press are saying.”[…]

So basically Zionists cooperated with Al Qaeda to hurt the country that is according to Abourezk actually helping them…what the F*ck? We Zionists don’t seem to be very smart. And know for the finale in which this fool demonstrates his complete lack of knowledge.

Interviewer: “Sir, in 2001, you came all the way from the U.S. to Lebanon to congratulate Lebanon, the Lebanese, and the resistance for the Israeli withdrawal from Southern Lebanon. Now what do you say during this time, which is in remembrance a year of the Israeli aggression against Lebanon and the earthshaking victory of the resistance, supported by the people of Lebanon. What do you say to them?”

James Abourezk: “That was quite an extraordinary thing, I thought. I actually marveled at the Hizbullah resistance to Israel, how they did it. It was a marvel of organization, of courage and bravery. I thought it was quite something.”

So according to him, using civilians as human shields is now courage and bravery? Check.

Interviewer: “Do you think it’s only the courage and organization that made them do this?”

James Abourezk: “Yes, absolutely. They were highly organized, the resistance, and they were very brave. They didn’t turn and run, like some Arabs armies have done. They were defeated because of that. But this is something new for the Arab world. I said at the time: The Lebanese army should ask Hizbullah to come and organize it, to train them, you know. And all the Arab armies should have the Hizbullah come and do that.”

There you have it, coming from a former U.S. senator, a terrorist group should train all the Arab armies. To what purpose one must wonder? I’ll leave this up to you, but if it was Hezbollah doing the training, you should have a fair idea.


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