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Iran’s Proxy War Against America by Thomas Joscelyn

Posted by Atilla89 on September 30, 2007

A very interesting if somewhat long read here (I really need to stop using the adjective ‘interesting’ to describe other people’s work…). Alternatively just like the ‘more’ link to read the whole thing. Note: The copy below is a messy read because when I copied it, the text changed for no apparent reason. I couldn’t be bothered to edit 70 pages worth of writing, so that’s how it stays.

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Sewer-side Chat Iowahawk

Posted by Atilla89 on September 30, 2007

A great post here from Iowahawk completely mocking Ahmadinejad’s visit to Columbia University. Enjoy 🙂

Emily Peterson
Fellow students, distinguished faculty, and honored guest; I’m Emily Peterson of the Enormous State University Student Union, and I would like to welcome all to another exciting and educational installment of ESU’s Distinguished Guest Lecture Series. Today we are honored to present the remarks of His Excellency Gromulak, Overlord Chieftan of the R’Qqharbian Cess-Mutants.

[raucous applause, cheering]

Emily Peterson
Before we begin, I would like to remind all of you of the audience ground rules. First, please turn off all cell phones and pagers. Second, expressions of intolerance — placards, demonstrations, coughing, or sudden movements of any kind — will not be tolerated. Third, His Excellency has requested that all non-mutant Wo-Mans in menses cycle conceal themselves beneath an R’Qqharbian Shroud of Disgrace, which are available in the ballroom lobby. Your cooperation in following these rules will ensure a learning environment of open free speech. I would also remind you that violators will be escorted from the hall. To present Mr. Gromulak, please welcome President Whitworth.

[smattered applause, hisses]

ESU President Sandy Whitworth
Thank you, Emily. Some twenty-five years ago, when the first R’Qqharbian mutant beings emerged from the sewage treatment plant on West Campus drive, I was a young First Amendment scholar at the ESU School of Law. It was a dark era, with voices across Collegeburg calling for confrontation and conflict with our new campus neighbors. These voices grew louder after the unfortunate hostage misunderstanding of 1986. These were the voices of irrational fears – fear of community diversity, fear of the multi-mandible Other, fear of paralysis venom, fear of being dragged beneath a sewage pit to serve as a mutant egg-host. But I also remember with pride how the ESU community banded together to fight for Cess-Mutant rights. We held teach-ins. We surrounded the treatment plant to prevent the draining of the R’Qqharbians’ habitat. We created ESU’s prestigious Center for Subterranean Mutant Studies. Together we showed that peacefully coexistence could be achieved through dialog, underderstanding, and an occasional gift of livestock carcasses.


President Whitworth
It is with that same sense of pride that I welcome all of you to today’s lecture. As you know, this event has not been without controversy. Many of the same voices that sought to confront out Cess-Mutant neighbors 25 years ago, like Campus Security Chief Ray Warren…

[loud boos]

Audience Voice
Fuck you, Ray!


President Whitworth
Please, let’s all show some civility. As you know, Chief Warren, like many opponents of free speech, sought to have this lecture shut down in the name of “safety.” Later he sought to ban Mr. Gromulak’s personal security detail and confiscate their traditional ceremonial impaling rods. In ordering Chief Warren to stand down, I reminded him of ESU’s committment to diversity and open debate, and the words of Benjamin Franklin: “those who would give up a little liberty, for a little temporary motor function, deserve neither.” I also reminded him that I control his pension.


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The Joys Of The United Nations

Posted by Atilla89 on September 30, 2007

I have always said that the UN is now a redundant and useless organisation that indirectly and sometimes (in my view) directly supports rogue states and states that sponsors terrorism. It’s daughter organisations such as the IAEA and others are toothless and in some cases hinder investigation of Iran’s nuclear weapons. Perhaps my opinion better explained in this piece of writing by Ms. Bayefsky in New York’s The Sun.

The global platform which will be handed today to President Ahmadinejad by the United Nations is not as shocking as first meets the eye. The U.N. and the poster boy for state sponsors of terrorism have a long and cozy relationship — and one that threatens civilization as we know it.

Take, for example, the Iranian president’s single-minded pursuit of nuclear weapons. Over three years ago, the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency found Iran to have violated its Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty obligations. Ever since, the head of the IAEA, Mohammed ElBaradei, an Egyptian, has assigned himself the role of running interference for Iran. He first focused on keeping Iran off the agenda of the Security Council, a delay tactic that worked for a few precious years. When the matter finally got to the Council, ElBaradei railed against sanctions. In January 2007 ElBaradei suggested a “time-out” on the “application of sanctions.” In July 2007 he concocted a deal between the IAEA and Iran “on the modality for resolving the remaining outstanding issues” — double-talk for keeping the development of another Islamic bomb within the family. Two weeks ago he again called for a “time-out” and a cessation of sanctions, breathing whole new meaning into the bored diplomatic concern that the U.N. might “talk us to death.”

Then there is the burgeoning rapprochement between the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Louise Arbour, and Mr. Ahmadinejad. Ms. Arbour traveled to Tehran at the beginning of September to attend a “human rights” conference. She settled in to a front row seat to listen to Mr. Ahmadinejad announce: “We are against rule of the non-righteous individuals. … [R]evolutionary Iran aims at global government and a genuine Islamic culture so as to gain a loftier position worldwide.” Iran’s Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki called on conference-goers to “modify” the Universal Declaration of Human Rights because the “Islamic world” wasn’t present when it was drafted. (edit: Are you for real? Does this mean that even though you weren’t there at the signing that you don’t agree with it? Interesting…) Ms. Arbour, at pains not to offend her hosts, called for the promotion of “Universal human rights … in a contextually sensitive way” since “Universality need not be considered in an inflexible and rigid manner.”

Needless to say, her Iranian hosts were thrilled with her visit and the very next day felt sufficiently empowered to give the world a display of the human rights “context” in Tehran — by executing 21 people, many publicly and stringing their bodies up for display. Under the flexible legal code in Iran, people are executed for charges like “enmity against God” or “being corrupt on earth.” A week prior to Ms. Arbour’s visit, the U.N. handed Iran a leadership role on the planning committee of the next global U.N. anti-racism conference — Durban II — notwithstanding that its president has called extermination of six million Jews during World War II “a myth.”

And this isn’t the only U.N. leadership role given Iran. Nuclear proliferator Iran is the vice-chairman of the U.N. Disarmament Commission. Treaty violator Iran is a member of the U.N.’s Wider Appreciation of International Law Advisory Committee.

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Video shows Japanese journalist Kenji Nagai ‘being shot deliberately’

Posted by Atilla89 on September 29, 2007

I’m sure that many of you have been watching the situation in Burma very closely. Once again I really hope these protesters are successful and overthrow the military. Anyway, here’s the shocking video of Japanese journalist, Kenji Nagai being deliberately shot through the heart. This video does contain disturbing scenes.


Here is more on the subject from the UK Times.

Footage capturing the last, terrible seconds of Kenji Nagai’s life has been aired on Japanese television – horrifying a nation and raising official suspicion that the 50-year old photo-journalist was murdered by Burmese troops (writes Leo Lewis in Tokyo).

The shaky, indistinct moments of footage appear to show Nagai, who was on the edge of a crowd of panic-stricken demonstrators, shoved violently to the ground by a soldier and shot dead at point-blank range.

The crowd flees, leaving behind a visibly agonised figure believed to be Nagai – dressed casually in shorts and flip-flops – on his back in the street. In his right hand is a video camera, held above the ground to protect it from the fall.

A loud crack is audible as a soldier points his rifle at the prone figure before launching himself at the dispersing crowd of protesters.

A doctor at the Japanese embassy in Burma confirmed a bullet entered Nagai’s body from the lower right side of his chest, pierced his heart and exited from his back.

The footage, say Japanese experts, squarely contradicts the official Burmese explanation of Nagai’s death – that he was killed by a “stray bullet”.

In the few seconds before he was killed, Nagai appeared to being filming the Burmese military as it faced down the crowd. One of the soldiers seems to spot him doing so, and launches his deadly response.

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Where The Communist Manifesto Meets The Koran

Posted by Atilla89 on September 28, 2007

This is an article written by Michael Totten focusing on the nature of statements made by Moammar Ghaddafi’s son Seif el-Islam in regards to democracy in Libya. Its a very interesting read, here is the entire article.

Moammar Ghaddafi’s son Seif el-Islam, heir-apparent top-dog in the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahariya, is pretending to pressure the Arab League to democratize. He’s getting a lot of great press in the West (I goofed and gave him some, too), and he doesn’t deserve a bit of it.

This little snippet from the New York Times makes the lad sound like some kind of hero.

 “‘Democracy is the future,’ Mr. Qaddafi, 32, said at his Moroccan-style villa outside Tripoli, where he keeps a white tiger, Freddo, among other exotic pets. ‘We have to be ahead of the world in our region, the Middle East, and not to be lagging behind, because the whole world is heading toward democracy.'”

 Sounds great, doesn’t it? As if he’s a young reformer waiting in the wings to reform Pop’s idiotic and oppressive regime. Don’t get carried away. He and his old man have funny definitions of democracy and dictatorship.

Here is Moammar Ghaddafi in the manifesto he calls The Green Book.

“Political struggle that results in the victory of a candidate with, for example, 51 percent of the vote leads to a dictatorial governing body in the guise of false democracy, since 49 percent of the electorate is ruled by an instrument of government they did not vote for, but which has been imposed upon them. Such is dictatorship.”

 Clever. If multi-party elections lead to dictatorship, the solution must be…a one-party state. Better yet, a no-party state.

So Ghaddafi (who, make no mistake, holds absolute power in Libya) came up with what he calls “direct democracy” where there are no elections of any kind — ever. Forming a political party is a hanging offense. His government is the only one that supposedly represents everyone because unity is imposed by force. Elections would destroy Libya’s “direct democracy” by dividing it.

This is what his son Seif el-Islam means when he pressures the Arab League to democratize and when he boasts about it to foreign reporters.

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Wife of abducted soldier blames Ahmadinejad for kidnapping

Posted by Atilla89 on September 28, 2007

Now everyone know that Hezbollah is connected to Syria and Iran. It’s no secret that member’s of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard went to Lebanon to form this organisation in an effort to fight Israel during the Lebanon Civil War. As well as this, it should be an easy consensus for anyone who knows about this organisation that it is a terrorist organisation. Hezbollah in 2006 captured Ehud Goldwasser and haven’t given him back (even though that was required by the UN Resolution put into place at the war’s conclusion). Now here is where it gets interesting, Ahmadinejad has recently came to America for talks in universities and in the UN. Now at the UN conference he met some one who had a very important question for him. Hat tip goes to LGF.

From Ynetnews:

“During the questions we made eye contact, we looked at each other more than once. The look on his face changed the moment he realized who was facing him and what I wanted from him,” Karnit Goldwasser, wife of kidnapped soldier Ehud Goldwasser, said after her meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York.

Goldwasser managed to enter Ahmadinejad’s press conference at the United Nations building in New York on Tuesday, and told Ynet that the she was surprised by the treatment the Iranian leader received upon his arrival.

Goldwasser said she was not afraid to present the president with her question, and asked him, “Hello, my name is Karnit, the wife of Ehud Goldwasser, the soldier who has been held captive for over a year. Since you are the man that is behind the kidnapping due to the aid you grant Hizbullah, why don’t you allow the Red Cross to visit the two soldiers?” she asked.

The president ignored the question.

From Haaretz

Goldwasser told Army Radio on Wednesday that Ahmadinejad was clearly caught off guard. “He was pretty surprised to find me there,” she said. “The distance between us was about two meters.

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John Bolton interview about Ahmadinejad’s visit to Columbia University

Posted by Atilla89 on September 27, 2007

A video from Hannity Colmes in which John Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador at the UN talks about Ahmadinejad and his visit to Columbia University. I am a very big fan of John Bolton and he raised some very interesting points in this video. Go watch – hat tip to LGF.

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Junta soldiers kill protesting monks in Burma

Posted by Atilla89 on September 27, 2007

This is getting pretty bad. Hopefully the monks in Burma will be able to have a coup, but looking at the military I doubt it. More from The Australian.

The Burmese junta opened fire on protesters in Rangoon last night, reportedly killing as many as five people, as the military moved to crush the country’s biggest protest campaign in 20 years.

The much-feared crackdown came as the UN Security Council convened this morning an emergency session in New York after British Prime Minister Gordon Brown warned the junta the world was watching Burma.

Reports from exiled Burmese journalists and activists in Thailand said as many as five people were shot dead and 17 wounded by the security forces.

“Shots were fired by the security forces, first in the air, then at the demonstrators,” French diplomat Emmanuel Mouriez told France’s radio RTL.

“We cannot know if many people were injured but we can be sure that blood was spilled.”

Security forces fired warning shots and tear gas into massive crowds of demonstrators in Burma’s biggest city, while hauling away an estimated 300 defiant Buddhist monks and activists into waiting trucks – the first mass arrests since protests against the military dictatorship erupted last month. Despite the crackdown, tens of thousands of people regrouped in a massive anti-government protest in central Rangoon last night.
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President Ahmadinejad “There are no gays in Iran”

Posted by Atilla89 on September 25, 2007

In another episode of absurdity, Ahmadinejad proudly states that there are no homosexuals in Iran and that whoever has told America this, they are wrong. Here’s the clip of this; hat tip to Hot Air.

Well as you can see, Ahmadinejad is publicly boo’ed. Cox and Forkum have a good comic about this statement.

As well as this, LGF has a great documentary from Canada’s CBC, on the Iranian gay scene and the appalling, barbaric treatment to which they are routinely subjected.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Israeli pledge to isolate Gaza Strip begins to bite

Posted by Atilla89 on September 23, 2007

One of my favourite sayings has been “Mess with the best, die like the rest.” This has never been more truer then with the Israeli-Arab conflict. Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel and terrorising it’s citizens. The response from Israel has been to hold back, try for diplomacy while taking out targets of opportunity. Now Israel has finally declared Gaza as a hostile entity and can take away stuff like electricity (most of which is supplied by Israel. More from The Australian.

GAZANS last night endured longer-than-usual power cuts and the few among them with permission to enter Israel were turned back at locked crossings as Israel’s pledge to declare the Strip a “hostile entity” began to bite.

The escalating steps began after a Qassam rocket fired by Islamic Jihad from northern Gaza landed in Israeli territory early yesterday.

Israel’s security cabinet during the week unanimously approved the new classification for Gaza, which authorised officials to scale back remaining contacts with the Hamas-run territory and block all exits for 48 hours following a rocket attack.

Israel said that “except for humanitarian needs”, it would no longer supply anything to the residents of Gaza.

The move was endorsed by visiting US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, but the European Union and UN urged Israel to reconsider and to avoid further cuts to already struggling essential services.

“Our first reaction is one of deep preoccupation,” said EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana. “We think the Gaza people should not be deprived of basic necessities.”

I personally think that Israel is giving the Palestinians a good deal, humanitarian aid will still be getting through. But think of it this way, Israelis should not be deprived of the right to live without being constantly targeted by terrorists.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned that cutting vital services would violate international law and punish the already suffering 1.4million population.

“Such a step would be contrary to Israel’s obligations towards the civilian population under international humanitarian and human rights law,” he said.

And what about bombing cafes? Or come to that targeting school children!

Hamas, which took control of Gaza in late June after ousting the Fatah party of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas from a short-lived power-sharing deal, said it had urged militant factions to stop firing Qassams.

Hamas denounced the new sanctions as a “declaration of war”.

As opposed to killing and kidnapping soldiers and targeting civilians?

Spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said: “We must unite the ranks to come together in the conflict with the cruel enemy. There will be implications in the long term. This is another attempt to force us to surrender to agreements.”

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