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Modern History Rant!

Posted by Atilla89 on August 24, 2007

This is the third rant I’ve had about modern history and specifically about my teacher, the other two are in the other blog somewhere…Anyway, this one’s a double rant in which one of my fellow students asked why I supported the U.S. I chose not to answer pretty much because of whatever I said, I very much doubt it would have changed her opinion. Generally whenever the talk turns to paying out Howard or America I pretend to be deaf and roll my eyes at any other Howard supporter, sadly there are usually none 😦 So back to that question, besides inventing a shit load of technology, saving Australia from being invaded in WW2, playing a key role in the fight against Nazi Germany, supporting Israel, opposing Iran, giving aid to many countries and exporting democracy, America is one of those few countries where a person has freedom. Now you might say hang on there are plenty of other countries that grant freedom for the individual. Well to put it bluntly, not really. Most of the Middle-East, 3/4 of Asia, a huge chunk of Africa and a lot of South America (including the Latin Americas) are not all that free. Many are under military dictatorships, or/in total anarchy or repress freedoms, for example China or Iran.

Hopefully that should have answered the question well enough.

Now the point of irritation is from my modern history teacher. I seem to remember posting an article that said that teachers should not mix politics with teaching, in my opinion this should be specifically for modern history. Here it is. Anyway the discussion was about Apartheid South Africa in which a certain South African Policeman from the Apartheid days had killed two blacks for no reason. Now this is disgusting and I fully believe this guy should be prosecuted to the full extent; here’s the article in question. Then immidiately the next thing that was said was “who knows, maybe Bush, Howard and Blair will be tried as war criminals for Iraq.”


Besides the fact that they were toppeling a dictator (who incidentely attacked his neighbours, tried to build nuclear weapons and launched unprovoked attacks on Israel), this guy broke 17 UN Resolutions! If anyone should be tried for a war crime it should be Saddam, and incidently he was. I wonder if my modern history teacher was blaming all the killing Iraq on these leaders? If so she is severally mistaken, most of the blame is on the terrorists who are randomly killing and kidnapping innocents. However I do concede that collateral damge does occur, it is obvious that the terrorists are doing most of the killing.


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