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U.S. Pressure for Aussies to keep troops in Iraq

Posted by Atilla89 on August 22, 2007

If a Democrat was elected for the U.S. Presidential position, the Australian government would be asked to keep troops in Iraq. More from the SMH

AN INCOMING Democratic president of the US would look to Australia to keep its troops in Iraq as long as possible, for up to a further three years, say advisers to the leading candidates, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Interesting that AMERICAN politicians are meddling in Australian politics yet there is no outcry! What happened when Howard ‘meddled’ with American politics? Pure outrage…

A Democratic administration would also welcome Australian military help in training Iraqi troops in riskier deployments than their current duties, says Michele Flournoy, who was a defence strategist in Bill Clinton’s administration and has advised the Democratic front-runner Senator Hillary Clinton.

An informal adviser to Senator Obama on foreign policy, Susan Rice, made a similar call for Australia to stand with the US in its efforts around the world and not only in its own region. “Australia is a strong, long-standing and highly valued ally,” said Dr Rice, formerly a staff member in the Clinton White House and now a senior fellow at the Brookings Institute in Washington.

“I kinda wish Australia would look at the world from a less Asia-centric point of view,” she told the Herald in a separate interview.”

It seems Australia has the political and economic and moral standing to take a more global point of view.” She added: “We may have to ask for more too [from Australia], but I hope it won’t be going to war – it will be in other ways.”

Gah! More interference, now there really needs to be some sort of protest…

Dr Rice said John Howard’s attack on the Iraq policy of Senator Obama in February was “a bizarre and weird thing – we have long forgotten it and even if we hadn’t, we are big enough to get over it. It’s kinda amusing.”

So now the truth is “a bizarre and weird thing”???

Ms Flournoy said of the Iraq venture: “A Democrat administration would want Australia to stay as long as it could manage to do so, stay by our side.”

It would really suck if lil Kevini Rudd got in…

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