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Interviewing Max Boot on the War on Terror

Posted by Atilla89 on August 14, 2007

A very interesting video from Commentary Magazine’s blog (its hyper linked on the top left corner of the blog under blog roll), here’s an interview with Max Boot on the war in Iraq and the troop “surge,” and the overall war against jihadism and Islamic supremacism. Its very good and the Max Boot questions why we treat Iraq and Afghanistan differently. Max Boot also raised the point of why we (as in the U.S.) are not actively at war with Syria and Iran and are instead inviting them to ‘talks’ and ‘negotiations’ to country’s that are killing our (U.S. – Australia hasn’t lost anyone yet – besides that idiot who shot himself) troops. Needless to say you should watch it, whatever your views are. Hat tip: LGF


One Response to “Interviewing Max Boot on the War on Terror”

  1. […] An Interview With Max Boot And A Rant With Alan Dershowitz Filed under: Ahmadinejad, America, Iran, Iraq War, Islam, Islamism, Middle-East, Military, Nukes, Religion, Terrorism, U.S. Politics, War on Terror — Atilla89 @ 10:46 am LGF just posted an interesting video from Commentary Magazine called An Interview with Max Boot. For those that don’t know, Max Boot is a pretty much a writer and a historian who currently works as a foreign policy adviser to Senator John McCain (so he has a lot of insight and knowledge about what he is talking about). The video is about Max Boot’s ‘his recent trip to Saudi Arabia, the NIE, and the progress we’re making in Iraq.’ I’ve posted a video with Max Boot previously, where he talked about similar issues, which you can see here. […]

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