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Harry Potter and the Zionist Conscpiracy

Posted by Atilla89 on August 11, 2007

Yep you read that right. According to reports in Iranian newspaper Kayhan (Kayhan, Iran, July 26, 2007), our favourite Iranian Mullahs are now pushing the belief that the Harry Potter series of books and related merchandise are really a “billion-dollar Zionist project” the purpose of which was to “disrupt young minds”.

To think that the rest of my Zionist revolutionary comrades are doing such a good job brings a tear to my eye. Is there nothing that we Zionists don’t control?

Oh and on a somewhat related topic, I was looking if this was reported in other articles, which it was in the likes of a website called Jihad Watch. Well one of the authors was given this passage from Deathly Hallows:

“Potterwatch, didn’t I tell that’s what it was called? The programme I keep trying to get on the radio, the only one tells the truth about what’s going on! Nearly all the programmes are following You-Know-Who’s line, all except Potterwatch. I really want to hear it, but it’s tricky tuning in…”

I am sure you all get the obvious joke, but think for a moment of what the official news outlets are saying about the state of the world and then look at the many blogs that are out there, including this one and see the difference.


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