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Dio/Black Sabbath Concert – Heaven and Hell in Sydney

Posted by Atilla89 on August 10, 2007

The concert is tomorrow and it looks so good. From what other people tell me who have already seen it in Perth, it is amazing. I’ll be back with photos and a set list on Sunday.


Ok, let me start off by saying that the concert was fucking amazing. It was definitely the best concert of my life (including the DragonForce one). Dio’s voice was still amazing even at his age, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler was incredible guitarists and Vinny Appice was just fucking brilliant. Down was crap, they had good riffs but that was it. Anyway back to Dio, they didn’t play anything from Holy Diver 😦 but what they did play, they played it well. Their set was great, it was some sort of Gothic Church. I am not entirely sure of of the entire set but here are the songs I know they played.

Sign of the Southern Cross

Heaven and Hell

Neon Knights

Falling Off the Edge of the World


Die Young

Mob Rules

If anyone can find out the full set list or actually remembers the other songs let me know in the comments section.

The highlight was obviously Heaven and Hell – the song is still stuck in my head. There were a few funny moments as well. When Dio finished Heaven Hell (it was the last song), my friend and I started chanting encore, and then everyone else joined in 🙂 But then when that died down, I started screaming out Dio, Dio, Dio. We got maybe 300 other people chanting it before Dio walked on and ripped into Neon Knights 🙂

Other cool /weird moments happened after the concert. My friend and I walked back in to try and get a glimpse of Dio when this random late 30’s guy came and said to me where did you get that T-shirt (I was wearing my Iron Maiden ‘The Trooper’ shirt. He said that he barely saw anyone where one like that. I said that I had got it in Liverpool, England and he said he liked the song so much that he got a figure of the soldier charging tattooed on his arm when he was 17!!! That guy is a legend. Anyway we talked a bit about Iron Maiden and then we had to go.

As we were walking back up to the car, another random person started talking to me about Megadeth… I first thought he was going to offer me sort of drug, he looked the type, leaning casually on a wall looking like a pimp with his Asian girlfriend.

So pretty much Dio was fucking awesome and and sucked in to everyone that didn’t go see them. (Photos and a few videos to come, sorry about the wait)

Now here are some vids with sound from the friend I was with. In the Vinny Appice drum solo one, listen out for me yelling ‘ you freak’ at 1:35. Anyway, enjoy!


2 Responses to “Dio/Black Sabbath Concert – Heaven and Hell in Sydney”

  1. Ugly said

    H & H Sydney 2007 PLay List in Order

    1) E5150 (intro music)

    2) The Mob Rules

    3) Children of The Sea

    4) I

    5) Sign of the Southern Cross

    6) VooDoo

    7) Drum Solo (Vinnie)

    8) Computer God

    9) Falling Off the Edge Of The World

    10) hadow Of The Wind

    11)Die Young

    12) Heaven and Hell

    13) Neon Knights (encore)

    P.S. I Agree with you on 2 points…
    This was a Great Concert it is the Second best Concert that I have ever been to.
    The Best Concert was The Heaven And Hell Tour in 1980 at the Capitol Theatre.
    Black Sabbath are The GODS of Metal!!

    The Other Point…
    DOWN Were C.R.A.P.!! No wonder Emo Kids who listen to that kind of Crap cut themselves. I would too if I had to listen to it.


  2. Atilla89 said

    Thanks, its appreciated.

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