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John Mearsheimer At Yearly Kos 2007

Posted by Atilla89 on August 9, 2007

For those that don’t know there is a very popular blog called Daily Kos. Its basically a left blog and funny to mock. Anyway, they have an event called the yearly Kos and they’ve invited John Mearsheimer, co-author of The Israel Lobby, you guessed, it bag outs AIPAC and is anti-semitic. John Mearsheimer was interviewed by Andrew Marcus at the YearlyKos convention, explaining that Iran is not at war with the United States and that we need to work with them—because, after all, they’re only killing a tiny percentage of US soldiers in Iraq.Oh, and according to Mearsheimer, we really don’t need to worry even if Iran does get nuclear weapons. They’d never use them. And it’s Israel’s fault Iran wants nukes anyway.

Here it is: hat tip to LGF


2 Responses to “John Mearsheimer At Yearly Kos 2007”

  1. […] get into power. As well as this, O’Reilly talks about the hate website Daily Kos which I have mentioned in my blog and how it is an anti-Semitic piece of crap, which I am entitled to agree with. Anyway, […]

  2. […] 10:10 am A few weeks ago, I linked you to a video of John Mearsheimer at the Daily Kos Convention here in order to ridicule his views on the Middle-East. Well this is old news but he has recently […]

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