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Howard warns against ‘overreaction’ to soldier video

Posted by Atilla89 on August 6, 2007

Here’s the first (I think) caricature of John Howard that Cox and Forkum have done.



Anyway, that wasn’t the point of this post. It turns out that some ADF troops were acting in a very irresponsible manner; namely binge drinking and dressing up into KKK outfits (only 1 was doing this). So John Howard has said the sensible thing. Via the ABC.

Mr Howard says it should be left to the military to deal with the issue.”I just think we can overreact a bit with these things and people get into a lather of sweat and so on,” he said “Let’s be sensible and understand that people will let off a bit of steam.”

But it turns out that Dr. Nelson, (Aus defence Minister) originally tried to defend these actions. Which I believe was wrong and the Opposition defence spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon agrees with me: “In doing so, he’s really reflecting on the tens of thousands of ADF personnel who at all times do the right thing.”

As a little side note if this behaviour was going on in the IDF there would people using this as another excuse of Israel’s ‘brutality’ and it would become just another weapon to challenge its right to exist. Notice how this has not happened to Australia?


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