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Second Life and Terrorism

Posted by Atilla89 on August 1, 2007

This is incredible, I am sure you have all heard Second Life (SL), it is a massive multi-player online game. Pretty much you live life in this cyber world as you would normally in real life. I’ve been told it is very addictive. The amazing thing about this game is that there are companies who advertise products in this game, even a country (forget which one) has its own embassy there. You can also make money from the game by buying land using SL dollars and then sell it and make a profit. From there you can withdraw the $SL from the game into a currency of your own choice.

The problem is that terrorists are now abusing the system to send money overseas and teach people how to make IED’s and other weapons. At present these actions have interested law enforcement agencies in both America and Australia Thanks to the Jawa Report for this.

8 Responses to “Second Life and Terrorism”

  1. ‘incredible’ is the correct word for it – because it isn’t actually true 🙂

  2. Atilla89 said

    Your evidence of this?

  3. There’s quite a bit. For starters, most of the incidents listed in the article never took place. The SLLA never actually performed the attacks they claimed (they were just very good at writing press releases to gull journalists) – there’s a whole story there about a massive con.

    As soon as you start talking virtual bodies and deaths in SL, you’re way off track – there aren’t any. You can pick it apart point-by-point (and if you do a quick search, you’ll find a number of people that have). The article itself is largely a rehash of errors made in other articles over the last six to eight months.

    I’ve just never seen so many errors in one place.

    If we eliminate all the basic factual errors, we’re left with the single point that terrorists are using Second Life for training – a point for which there appears to be no supporting evidence.

  4. Atilla89 said

    I don’t know much about SL, so I’ll take your word on some of the stuff you have said. However…

    “…that terrorists are using Second Life for training – a point for which there appears to be no supporting evidence.”

    …I don’t agree with this one. “Searches of the SL website show there are three jihadi terrorists registered and two elite jihadist terrorist groups.”

    Also, “Once these groups take up residence in SL, it is easy to start spreading propaganda, recruiting and instructing like minds on how to start terrorist cells and carry out jihad.”

    So, you can see where I am coming from when I say that this is incredible that a terrorist can actively spread his/her message on games such as this to a large audience. That and the fact that there are 5 different Jihadist groups.

    Just to let you know, I don’t necessarily agree with these articles I post, the only thing that you should be quoting me on is what I write.

  5. Actually, those groups are role-players and griefing groups. There’s dozens of mafia groups in SL, but they’re role-playing gangster conflicts, and are not the actual mafia.

  6. Atilla89 said

    Yes but still, trying to recruit and instruct people on how to build bombs (for use in real life) is illegal. Plus I also think that Mafia groups which try (note I am not talking about all Mafia/criminal groups in SL) to teach people violence in real life should be monitored and banned as well.

  7. Absolutely. There’s no sign that any of them do that, however. I’ve certainly never heard of it happening in SL. Besides, if you wanted to do that, a website would be better.

  8. Atilla89 said

    Not really, websites are far more easily traceable compared to an online avatar. As well as this websites take longer to set up, plus you can’t teach a person as effectively as giving them 1 on 1 teaching that SL can provide.

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