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History Will Harshly Judge Those for Iraq Withdrawal

Posted by Atilla89 on July 18, 2007

An article that is basically trying to say, stay the course, don’t withdraw from Iraq and hopefully many of the Republicans swapping sides on the issue will eventually see reason. See the rest at:

More Republicans have defected to the withdraw-from-Iraq Democrats. They have read the polls that show falling support among the American people for the war in Iraq, and have concluded that continuing to support the war will cost them their Senate or House seat.

Is it possible that some of these Republicans have simply consulted their consciences and decided to abandon positions they have held since the beginning of the war? It is possible. But consider this: If the American people continued to support the war, does one reader of this column believe that one Republican defector would have in fact defected?

The sad truth is that moral courage is rare — whether among private citizens or among political leaders. Even opponents of the war have to admit that, given the polls, it takes no courage for a politician to call for American withdrawal from Iraq. Whether or not you agree with those who want American forces to stay in Iraq, that is a far more courageous position in today’s America — just as, right or wrong, it admittedly took more courage for a politician to oppose the war when America deposed Saddam Hussein’s regime.

So with the mainstream media and the Democrats — often interchangeable entities — relentlessly pushing for withdrawal from an increasingly unpopular war led by an unpopular president, it takes a lot of courage to argue against what would be the most costly defeat for America in its history. And how often in history did the right thing not take courage? And how often was the right position the most popular position?

2 Responses to “History Will Harshly Judge Those for Iraq Withdrawal”

  1. Brad said

    Wow, surprising that the conservative rag would utter such foolishness. These are the same dweebs would would be arguing to stay in Vietnam “until we win” without ever figuring out what it means to “win.” Funny how very uneducated people tend to make the same mistakes over and over and over again and still insist that people should take them seriously.

  2. Atilla89 said

    The U.S. should have stayed in Vietnam, and won (by winning I mean setting terms for peace between N.V. and S.V.). Although while, their reasons for going into Vietnam and staying there may have become blurred, going out would have and was undoubtedly worse.

    As for Iraq, if the U.S. left know, the whole place would erupt into a major civil war. At the moment it is the coalition that is stopping the situation from getting worse. How many lives do you think will be lost if the U.S. pulls out at this moment? I guarantee you that it will hit 1 million. It is people like you who would ignore the threat of terrorism and civil war so not to disturb your way of life.

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