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Israel is ready for another war with Hezbollah

Posted by Atilla89 on July 17, 2007

 Nothing new here, but it’s an ok round up of  some of the facts.  From the Australian:,25197,22071759-15084,00.html

In Lebanon, the euphoria at the Shia militia’s ability to stand up (ed. By standing up do you mean the massive casualties inflicted on Hezbollah)  to the Israeli war machine has dimmed somewhat at the contemplation of villages still lying in ruins and at the threat of civil war once more engulfing the country.

In Israel, the breast-beating that followed the failure of the Israel Defence Force to halt the month-long rocketing of northern towns has given way to quiet satisfaction at the rapid steps taken to internalise the lessons of the war and at the country’s remarkable economic recovery.

In the immediate aftermath of the fighting, reservist soldiers took to the streets to demand the heads of government and military leaders. Several generals were sacked or quit, including chief of staff General Dan Halutz, a combat pilot turned ground commander, on whom most of the blame fell for the army’s operational failures.

Defence minister Amir Peretz resigned last month but the principal remaining target of the demonstrators, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, is awaiting the final report, expected next month, of a government-appointed commission investigating the war.

Yesterday, the Lebanese army resumed shelling the positions of Islamist militants in the besieged Palestinian refugee camp Nahr al-Barad, in northern Lebanon.

Six Lebanese soldiers and a civilian were killed during an eight-hour assault on the camp.

Meanwhile, the overhaul of the IDF has restored public confidence. The army’s poor performance was attributed to a decades-long focus on coping with Palestinian resistance, which turned it into a quasi-police force more than an army trained for the battlefield.

In the past year, intensive training of regular and reserve units has upgraded skills and restored morale. “Our training was altogether different this time,” said Sergeant Ronnie Zweigenbaum, one of the reservists who had led the demonstrations calling for Mr Olmert’s resignation. “We have the strongest army in the world.”(ed. damn straight)

Deputy chief of staff General Moshe Kaplinsky said this week that the IDF was prepared to meet any combination of threats from Hezbollah, Syria, Hamas and Iran. “Today,” he said, “the IDF is a different army.”

Despite Hezbollah’s claim of a “divine victory” last summer, Israeli analysts believe the powerful blow delivered by Israel on the militia, which reportedly lost 600 of its best fighters, makes it unlikely Hezbollah would readily seek another confrontation.

The post-war situation along the border with Lebanon is the quietest for decades; 12,000 UN troops and 15,000 from the Lebanese army now keep armed Hamas members out of southern Lebanon in keeping with the agreement ending the war.

The Israeli economy recovered from the shock of the war well before the shooting stopped and foreign investments continued to pour into the country. The Tel Aviv stock market has risen 40per cent in the past year.

And the war has had unexpectedly positive regional fallout for Israel. Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other largely Sunni Arab states castigated Hezbollah for the cross-border raid that sparked it.

Leery of the growing power of non-Arab Iran in the Muslim world, they saw the Hezbollah attack as another step by its sponsors in Tehran to achieve regional hegemony.

The advanced weaponry wielded by Hezbollah in the war (.ROFL – you mean unguided rockets?) and the sophisticated network of underground bunkers revealed in the fighting aggravated these concerns (ed. by that you mean the use of Human Shields). Since the war, the moderate Arab states have taken a more active role in peacemaking efforts between Israel and the Palestinians and demonstrated a shared interest with Israel in curbing Iranian power.

Offsetting the positive aspects of the war for Israel is concern that the IDF’s relatively poor showing last year will encourage those Muslim elements who think the Jewish state can be brought down by wars, large and small, that steadily erode it. (ed. Like that is going to happen anytime soon…)


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